Kettle Cooked Chips by Kitco

It was yet another great weekend where I receive my bundle of crispy Joy!! Yes, I am talking about a carton full of Kettle cooked Potato Chips by Kitco.

It just few months back, this product caught my attention while I was doing my monthly grocery shopping at Carrefour and since then if and when I have chips at any time, though I am already cutting down on its consumption; I only go for Kettle cooked version.



The difference between Kettle Cooked chips and standard potato chips is the cooking process. Whereas your basic bagged chip is fried in a conveyer-belt-like continuous process, kettle chips have a pre-industrial pedigree. They’re made in batches. The reason why I love these is also that it’s made in UAE and is a product of UAE.

They are available in 5 different flavors: Sea Salt, Chili, Honey & BBQ, French Cheese & Arabic Spices. These Kettle Cooked Chips have a bold flavor and hearty crunch. They are made from farm fresh potatoes. Sliced thick, and cooked in small batches until they are extra-crunchy and crisp.

MB-9143 MB-9141

MB-9139 MB-9142

Get a grab on your favorite flavor for today and enjoy 🙂