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AlGusto Italiano in Abu Dhabi

We went to AlGusto for Italian dinner last month also to try out their new menu, and we had a great time!  It is located in Jumeirah Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi. Pre-starters included fresh bread with homemade salsa.




The very first salad we tried was Insalata Verde Verdura I I started off. It consists of Broccoli, Quinoa, Lentil, Avocado, Feta, Cucumber, and Tomato. The highlight for this salad though was its Yogurt Dressing; overall this Insalata was Zesty and refreshing with much greens and other essential veggies. The combo (Yogurt dressing) was so addictive that I would recommend you all to must try this at AlGusto.




Mr. K went for his favorite Burrata with heirloom tomato, mixed lettuce and balsamic dressing it was average in taste. Yes, it was Burrata served with Heirloom Tomato, Mixed Lettuce & Balsamic Caviar. With Tomato varieties in this gardened looking Salad. If your taste buds haven’t met the likes of Burrata cheese, then allow yourself to enjoy this dainty, very summery and decadent Italian treat to begin your meal with.




Instead of our usual order of mix Antipasti, we opted for a bit different choice i-e, Arancini Milanese. It’s basically Risotto Balls, stuffed with Meat Ragout served With Parmesan Sauce. I decided to gulp these bomb, Arancini Milanese, alone because honestly, there’s nothing more satisfying than crispy, creamy garlic balls of delightfulness, is there?



Their Panini / Wraps are very popular amongst the office crowd works in nearby building and I kept reading about those reviews and was thoroughly convinced of why is to after trying those Mediterraneo. It was full of Buffalo Mozzarella, Green Leaves, Sundried Tomato & Grilled Chicken. It great since grilled to perfection and offered with a decent sized side of fries!



The pasta tasted so good. We love the way butter chicken ragout enhances the assertive flavor (stuffed in pasta pockets) of the dish, New Delhi Agnolotti. While mint infused Mascarpone cheese balance it out. It looked fascinating and more of a revamped kind of Italian Food with the fusion of Indian Spices.



Another satisfying traditional dish was Lasagna Di Carne i-e Pasta Layers With Bolognese Ragu, Mozzarella & Parmesan Cheese. It was an original and classic recipe; You can make this at home; the flavors develop and deepen with a little extra cheese on top. It’s also delicious



We did try out their smoothies Sunset & Bee delicious, both were refreshing and very natural in taste, plus point they use honey and not raw sugar to sweeten their cold blends. Kids enjoyed their Fettuccine Con Funghi with a creamy wild mushroom sauce and loved it meticulously. Pizza Italiano was a bit bold for our liking, and the Italian mince seems over baked, however, I loved the generous amount of Mozzarella and oregano on top.




The food so far was great, in last we tried  Steak of the day where succulent meat portion thinly sliced was served with Rocket and cherry tomato salad. It was tender I could cut through my steak with a fork, which was excellent! I loved every bite of this goodness! For sides, we have ordered Mushroom Ricotta (Oh it’s baked and is topped with pesto) & Sweet Potato Ratatouille( not just treat to eyes but was flavorful too) Hubby Satay Chicken had Cilantro Lime Rice as a base with Chicken Skewers with Peanut Sauce. It was light in flavors.






The most thrilling part of the whole experience was Dolce encounter. We tried their signature AlGusto Tiramisu with surprise factor of Crispy Kunafa sugar net plus cappuccino Coulis with coffee jelly and mascarpone cream. The presentation does have wow factor and taste didn’t disappoint us either. Though we liked another sweet treat better, it was hot chocolate molten cake served with ice-cream. It has an ideal soft center and is baked on perfect temperature.




This is definitely one of the more trendy and modern Italian restaurants I have been to. Hubby & I noticed that this venue speaks volume to the expectation and the tone of the restaurant. The atmosphere was very pleasant and professional. The meal, conversation, service, and overall experience were excellent. We will be back for more when we’re in the mood for Italian.




AlGusto – Italiano

Level P1, Next to Waitrose.

Etihad Towers.

Abu Dhabi.

02 6666444
050 4512030

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