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Buffalo Wings & Rings – Abu Dhabi

Mahi Blog has been kindly invited by the management to try out some creations on their menu. Freshness and crispness are two factors kept me always engaged while trying out some fried items on menu anywhere and everywhere.  BW&R didn’t not disappoint me at all in that decisive factor. We loved our previous detailed food review visit to Dubai outlet, hence were so excited to indulge in same at the Capital this time.

BWnR-4191  BWnR-4180

Spices were right on mark, much likeable though fiery (And I like that hence no complaints).  As we arriving at the destination we observed numbers of other nice restaurants in the row, however this place seems like constantly busy after all they have wings to offer.


It was nice to notice some regular diners who were just mentioning bring our favorites and staff was ever ready and sentient of their choices. Staffs are very accommodating while space was getting filled inside, they guided guests to 2 tables placed outside the restaurant. (It’s not a brilliant idea if you don’t like city hustle bustle and traffic noise though)

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There was a bunch of teenagers in crowd who are extremely noisy and loud (Guess they were cracking up on some joke or watching the football game). It was a bit distraction in a compact & close place like this however once we started digging into our yummy food which has arrived on table, we put out of our mind at everything around and HOT was the state of our mind 😉


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We were served a set menu, however they did fulfill an item on our wishlist too. We gulp down those heroic “Wings” with widest range of sauces. I cherish my tasting sauces platter. While I was done tasting them they literally looked like dip-swatches (my beauty blogger instincts had to play role) of vivid and bright lip(-Smacking 😉 colors. Table manners are strongly discouraged however if you would not like to indulge your handle directly on those spice & sauce dipped wings, you will be given some plastic gloves  to enjoy without doing so.

BWnR-4156 BWnR-4162


My favorite being garlic and parmesan sauce & buffalo sauce hence wings were wrenched in same dips. In starters it was popcorn chicken and Hand breaded Onion rings. Tasted traditional however both were incredible and ritzy at the same time. I loved the crunchiness in popcorns. Their BAM-BAM heat was explosive and bite-size piece bound you along. Accompaniments along with onion rings was a hit too i-e Blue cheese sauce, it married so well in taste along with breaded coating on onions. Sweet & Sour is another hit sauce to give it a try for specially along with Boneless wings.


They we tried Buffalo traditional wings. They were so seriously good and spicy. We were super pleased with cooking, it being so tender. It is surely my forever venue for WINGS as they were so good. Next up was Crispy chicken sandwich with Chicken tenders inside, it was not typically a dry one. However my preference would still be Meat gyros with juicy cucumber sauce inside. In desserts we tried Cheesecake and Chocolate cake and toffee sauce and ice-cream on top. Good end to the show I would say.

BWnR-4172 BWnR-4174

With Loud music, located in downtown, hip and sporty venue Buffalo Wings and Rings is gradually setting its mark amongst the neighborhood and as a quality wings place in Abu Dhabi. We loved it and recommend it, Make sure you go there and give them some wing love !


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