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Burger 28 – The Arbab of Burgers in Abu Dhabi

BURGER 28 is located conveniently just beside the driveway Road on Street 28 in Mohammad Bin Zayed City. Though not very the mainstream but still a visible location at the junction of Musaffah and MBZ. Mr. K mentioned about this place to me as he spotted this a couple of times on his morning run to drop off kids at school. Hence I decided on my evening walks to try one burger, that was love at first bite. Hence we decided to review the restaurant.





For me opening a burger shop (which is a trend here in the Capital) is not just a game to bring the taste to already defined famous food kind but also the freshness and quality of meat is a deciding factor in a good burger business. Though we visited on a weekday the place was a bit crowded. We noticed double digits number plate vehicles regularly coming into Grab & Go their orders. Our order did take a little long though but what was served truly satisfied the taste buds.



Meeting with the Founder:

We also met the very fervent Restaurant founder himself, Mr. Alexander. Alex is also the main behind the whole concept with rooted memories from Emirates. He also discussed and narrated how he came up with this business idea and how it became hugely popular especially amongst Emiratis which make about 90% of his clientele. He is too keen on how to improve their product and continuously contribute to strengthening the brand unique standing. He potentially brainstormed ideas with the branding wing to design and create the prints, Bags and the logo and color scheme from the burger chain.

We loved how they are very open to criticism and constructive feedback and continuously making their recipe more exciting.



Food Rundown:

The menu is compact & concise, one page. Yes, they have only four burgers, but each has a uniquely delicious taste.

My personal favorite is the ARBAB – Chicken & Chips Oman Burger. It was crispy outside and juicy inside. I’m a huge fan of Jalapeno and loved it’s combination with XP Sauce on Deep friend Japanese panko breaded Chicken Breast. If you are into “Spicy stuff” go for this one too

The ‘D2’ sauce in the burger Dynamite28 – The DB is addictive. It’s hubby’s favorite burger; he even has introduced the same to his friends, and it became their ultimate burger too with a tangy hint of BBQ sauce.




Their chicken burger ‘Bas-Chi’’ is even better. You can tell about the freshness and quality of the ingredients they used to the taste itself. BC sauce added a unique flavor here with Healthy herbs infusion; this sauce was their customized version of Argentinean Chimichurri. We coupled this burger with their truffle fries which was OK-eish. They have fries variety too which many similar places would not serve.

Kids loved the OG – Original 28 burger and a side of “Wa7sh” – Beast fries (shown in main pic of this post). They finished the same in no time. With OG sauce and mature cheddar cheese, it is most likable in our house too. You may even add a beef bacon with six dhs addition.




We also tried “crazily awesome & richly goodness” of their thick shakes. All 3 Reese’s Peanut Butter, Nutella Brownie, and Lotus was mind blowing. It truly indicated the Love & Passion been put in curating and presenting the menu from Burgers till shakes.






Their burgers offer a unique taste and mixture of ingredients, unlike many other concepts which are operating in this market. It contains 4.28oz of 100% prime cut, never frozen Angus beef which has been marinated for 48 hours in the secret B28 marinade and all the sauces are handcrafted daily. Buns are too soft. In the development of our Burgers and after long deliberations they chose to go with NYC style potato buns for all creations.


B28 burger might seem small but are so filling. In fact, they have opted to stock the largest bun size available on the market in the UAE which meets the quality and standards which they are trying to maintain.



The service was also impeccable with even better food. It worth the trip out to MBZ City. All the team has their relentless focus on customers service. They are prompt and did strive to deliver value to us. Great Job!. Going to come back.


Childhood Memories:

B28 deliver on their mantra of being inspired by local habits. If you grew up in Abu Dhabi, the chips oman in the Arbab chicken burger would take you back it time. Also, one racked corner called ‘Dukkan’ offers a selection of items on their Menu. They are nostalgic that Mr. K (my better half, raised in UAE) & Alex (Founder) used to enjoy when growing up in Abu Dhabi :). This inclusion brought back a lot of memories from their childhood seeing Hot sauce, Shani, chips Oman, Ornamic C, Laban up, etc. on the shelf.





They are not the cheapest option in the market. But they make sure to use pricey ingredients, B28 takes great care in sourcing high-quality meat, and I can feel it in every bite. It  satisfied my love for burgers; I would not mind paying more to enjoy a great tasting burger than hurting my stomach with low-quality ingredients elsewhere. In short we found it exactly how Alex quoted Burger28;

“Elite Burger Concept, born in Abu Dhabi and is Inspired by Local Habits.”

Keep up the good work guys!

For more information:

Phone number:

 02 3048121




Don’t forget to #HonkForBurgers

Location: 28th St MBZ City⤵

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

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