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Buzz Adda! Homely kitchen

Buzz Adda is an Indian restaurant, inspired by home-style cuisine. Through their tailored menu, they wish to re-visit some of the signature dishes from every mom’s kitchen and convey to their customers with a different culinary experience, every day. The ambiance too is very simple, homely and basic, music was a bit loud, you can take a seat near the window overlooking the lush green garden within the cluster facility. I only feel that the exhaust system should be more efficient as they had to open the restaurant door constantly to help to escape that smoke, piling up in the restaurant coming out from the kitchen directly.




In conversation with Tarun:


While speaking with the founder Tarun, we found out that they opened December last year, the whole idea of the restaurant is to offer the diners home-style Indian cuisine, which means to use the right amount of oil and spices not to overload the dishes. It is exactly something which we usually have it at home. He referred the restaurant as daily eatery joint rather than occasionally kind of spot. Because JLT is an area where come to a lot of Office crowd plus young couples and bachelors diners. So, it’s more of a casual joint.




Food & Services:

They basically have 3 kinds of services:

  • Tiffin services – monthly programs run for various office going employees. It keeps changing the kind of dishes each day.
  • All day breakfast served over the weekend and is served till Friday and Saturday until
  • Thali system – 3 sizes being Basic, mini & deluxe. If you are not very hungry, then go for basic else opt for the mini. If you are coming for a proper lunch meal, then you should go for deluxe thali which is heavy lunch and has pretty much everything from kebabs, Daal, It is available in Veg & Non-Veg both hence if accompanied by friends with various preferences this place is just for you to have a perfect friend’s bonding session with your choice of food.




First, we were graciously offered Kala channa Breakfast (black chickpeas) and purl halva. I really like this delish combination where puri is served with semolina halva (they don’t use artificial coloring here and also it looks like mashed sweet item but was really tasty and served warm) and Kala channa which is not too dry and is cooked with onions and spices. Healthy steamed idli is also another great option for health conscious people, however channa chaat was more of curry sort then chaat style. It’s spicy and tangy, its a great twist though for the ones who like their chaat elements to submerged in sauces.




We also tasted Non-veg thali it even has the best combination of daal, veg, and non-veg items. Again, you may customize it as per your choice. It was generous portions we found with variety and good taste i-e just like homes (light and easy in the tummy), my favorite items there included home-made salsa, bhindi fried and gobi aalo (cauliflower with potato).




Kathi Rolls – They have various fillings from cheese to meat. I tried Chicken Kathi Roll with spicy chicken filling topped with onions, green peppers, and spices rolled in a paratha. I found the paratha soft but still so filling due to size. A dish served hot, with ketchup and crunchy fries was a vision and treat to appetite.It was an entire meal within itself. A Tarun explained, Kathi rolls are famous in Bombay and the ones they serve are of Calcutta style. It’s basically paratha bread, they break an egg on it and fill a variety of fillings, you can have customized the size by single or double eggs option.




They have recently added kebabs on Ala carte menu and receiving a good response. We taste some hara bhara (green spices) kebab, and they were delicious too. Also, some dishes from Bombay & Delhi like missal pao and pao bhaji are added to the new menu. It’s a mix of south and north Indian dishes they serve keeping the palette core Indian. In their all time favorite and high selling items are vegetarian medium size thali, it goes a lot during lunch. The menu changes every day in thalis. Thali has rice as well as curry in it.




The biryani came with Yogurt, pickle, and Indian fried papad. It was average in taste, and it did not impress me much as the chicken was missing, but Tarun tried his best to fix it and replace it as soon as possible. There seems involved much determination to welcome criticism and then curating the whole menu as a caterer person, It was much evident due to his hotel background too. Wishing them great success ahead. In desserts we tried a mix of 4, our favorite being Gulab Jamun and an average looking Gajrela (carrot halva) which was very delicious in taste and help us concluded our intense lunchtime. I can’t wait to go back to try more of their dishes because their menu is SO extensive and covers all Indian favorites!




I also enjoyed Ginger tea (desi style) to finish off my desi tasting day in style. Unlike many reviews I read on zomato mentioning scarcity in Mains , I find it quite the opposite or maybe it’s due to the current inclusion of the A la carte menu items where I get to taste other items too than the famous thali itself. I love the passionate team of Tarun and his better half behind the concept been so keen on making this venue a successful one winning hearts of Maa’s food lover. All in all, we loved our trip to this dynamic and vibrant budding brand house kitchen, took pride in calling themselves ‘mom-approved’ owing to the healthy and freshly cooked meals their extensive menu has to offer. Their menu is worth a trip down to JLT Dubai from Abu Dhabi even whenever we feel like enjoying that late yummy black beans and puri breakfast .




BUZZ Adda!

Phone Numbers – 04 4307029 / 0566091878

Cuisines – Indian, Biryani

Opening hours – 8 AM to 10 PM

Address – Shop 11, Park Level, O2 Residence , Cluster O, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai



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