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Carnival by Tresind Season III – It’s all about Memories.

Chic, sophisticated, glamorous, witty and above all, fun, Carnival by Tresind combines a high-energy environment with its Postmodern Indian menu; intensely flavored, imaginatively prepared and ultimately celebratory.


It’s been less than a year since Carnival by Tresind threw open its doors in DIFC and left a colossal mark on the dining scene in Dubai. In Carnival, they proved that it’s not only about smoke clouds & gimmicks, but it’s also about the style of food and service all its in an own way with heart, soul, and vision combined.


There is a thought process gone behind curating the ever-changing menu. Again this time they went more above average. Rooted in the memories, they dotted the life-cycle of a desi from subcontinent and India. Carnival has created a diligent menu for Season 3 keeping “Memories” as it’s theme.


Brainchild to Bhopender Nath this place never fail to impress us. Kitchen foundations laid further strong by Executive Chef Himanshu Saini and then there is Beverage Manager Sherine John (who we missed that day), who work vigorously to craft new concepts each season to bring flavor and staging both at par. Our experience at Season 1 & Season 2 was remarkable, and the pictures were highly admired by all.


We are all set to get awestruck with the whole encounter again as the previous season had already built that expectation we were hoping to get amazed once again.




The table setting was very dramatic with mini backpacks placed on the table containing napkin and glass inside them. You see 1st visual took you back to school days. Then comes another great surprise in the form of wrapped mini items in shiny foil, reminding me of bdays and parties from childhood. I loved my gift of aspects alarm clock 🙂 thanks, team! for a great touch of memory gifts.



Next up was The Hanging Sangria Tree with Clear bags of alcoholic drink. It appears impressive, but we can’t sample them of course, so I am not reviewing it. Next up was Tandoori Truffle Pao as pre-starter, I loved the taste of fragrant truffle and shaved parmesan. It was baked fresh and was a bright start to the meal. Kids loved the puffiness, and I admire how light it is at the same time.



We always love street food compilation at Tresind and Carnival, be it masala chai, Pani puri or deconstructed chaat on trolley or dishes of that sort which include the transformation of these street stall foods from India into just another level. Again they invented this time a very refreshing concoction to freeze our mind and live in those memorable moments for a while by a presentation on an actual glass bowl the Pani Puri Salad. With a spotless plan and perfect temperature, this salad was bursting with puri and quinoa taste. Cool sensation of a tamarind sorbet with fresh green coriander hints was making it more special.



Khau Galli is the next dish to arrive and it indeed my favorite. Having my roots from sub-continent and specifically with Indo-Pak background, I can relate to so many aspect of this dish. One component of this dish sitting of those wooden miniature doll house round tables with chairs was Ring Pappad. It is something I recalled tasting being young on street side from vendors. Yes, those small crispies we use to wear on fingers and ate them, yogurt mousse topping was a brilliant twist to it. Also, there’s a fiery mango salad, that is very slurpy and a dhokla mousse which is another tasty street food.




With each season’s menu, we get hooked to a compact preferred meat dish that we wish to remain their across the year, same like my previous preferred into the wild from season 2. This season The Jungle Book dish stood so close to that level. Served within an actual wooden recreation of book frame of Rudyard Kipling’s novel of the same name with the movie poster on top, the presentation made us jumped out of our seats. When the jungle Pandora box has opened, we’ve discovered beef skewers sitting through the leaves. Very succulent in texture, with the Mediterranean hints being marinated in dates and finished off with bamboo leaf steam.



Chef Sai Himanshu was all set table-side to prepares the Cream Chicken with this tools and a giant cheese wheel.  A smoked tandoori chicken kebab mixed with green chili was placed into parmesan wheel some warm cream is added while tossing the meat to add cheese flavors in the process. Next presentation was Okiesh but tender in taste in spite of a bone in the center; it’s called “Kebab main Hadi” i-e bone in meat, just the sharpness of vinegar didn’t go too well with mint chutney for me.




Next, comes to our table were three round thalis (Indian bronze platter) with 3 different main courses. It consists of the famous Ram Babu Paratha (aagraa style, pappadam stuffed crispy paratha served with pumpkin and potato curry), a Hyderabadi biryani served with garlic raita, cucumber salad, tomato chutney and eggplant gravy and Pao with Qeema matter (Minced with green peas). I don’t know how to rate these three as each one of them is unique and retain they individual striking memory to foodie lane and is indeed the most comfort food I have ever tasted. We were food oblivion by that time however their unique presentation and taste always keep us intact to taste everything.



In desserts, we were treated to the Mango Gem which is swathed in white chocolate (Blue dyed) sphere containing mango mix instead. Again here, we witnessed and tasted beyond imagination combination. Saffron, cardamom was still ok but could you imagine cottage cheese balls with mango and white chocolate?? But it did taste delicious friends, and kids loved it. Next dessert Palang Tod (broken Bed, yes it was even displayed in presentation :D) was indeed the richest Indian desserts we tasted in ages. It was a combination of returned, sweet and condensed milk, etc. The dates chaas was so pleasant and tasty that I finished it in one go, cautious we are talking about sugar rush here.



The meal is rounded out with a palette cleanser of lychee jelly sphere with a rose granita and popping candy (remember that cola pop from childhood). The end was superb as Chef Vinu returns with a tring trying and a bike and poured us some masala chai from the mounted flask on a bicycle as if we were on the streets of Mumbai and enjoyed the tea.





Having dined at Carnival on so many occasions, we truly feel that bar guys prepared all those dishes with utter perfection that excite every diner and their role along with the Kitchen team is also very crucial, Thanks for all those gorgeous and eye-soaring combinations of Juices and mocktails once again.




Toddy is originally an alcoholic drink made from fermented spirit extracted from palm trees and famous all over the globe. They presentation of this drink with a replica of rice field was so fascinating that they made a non-alcoholic version for us in an ice chilled clay mug so we can witness the whole display we also spotted 2 real fishes sparky & snow in a fish tank representing rice field.



Viva La Goa is the 2nd beverage to arrive. A large seashell brought from the shores of Goa and onto the table top in Dubai stands amongst palm trees and sand. The blend within is elderflower and fresh lemon, topped with a pineapple foam. It was so refreshing and pleasant is taste as you sip on a straw inserted into the glistening shell.



Since we opt for non-alcohalic, the Bartender’s Choice is also served in a glass bottle, custom cut horizontally and perched on a chain stand. As Johnson has removed the lid, fruity drink trickles out into the glass placed beneath. I loved the edible flowers décor with an artisan ice cube.




Carnival season three is better than second and closest contender to their opening season i-e first one. We’re impressed and overwhelmed by the hospitality and their post-modern take on Indian Cuisine combining it with the theme i-e “Memories.” With their introduction of individual servings with reduced portions, it gives more chances to try as many dishes when you go along with a friend or family. I love this initiative to cut food wastage as well.




Chef Himanshu and his team are skillful; he chooses to interpret the ingredients in a way that will excite the palate and ignite the senses. As a culinary tribute to the post-modern cuisine of India, their Chef team ensures that every dish that comes out of their kitchen sings of carnival chores and quality. Thanks for a very kind invitation once again.




Location: Burj Daman, DIFC, Dubai
Hours: 12pm –  11:30pm
Phone: 04 275 9071





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