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Carnival By Tresind – Season II

Team MahiBlog is always down for a good collaboration, so when Carnival by Tresind popped up with their Season II (that’s what they dubbed their 2nd series of the menu) this winters, I had to swoop in for a taste. Visiting them in the past and reviewing their season I menu was indeed an unforgettable experience (Read HERE). Hence our expectation was really high.


We were greeted by the Carnival stamped chocolate at the welcome desk (Kids Favourite) & traditional bubbles at our dining table. Next, a selection of tasty nibbles that included rockfish mousse wrapped in fried noodles, a dusty spoonful of mushroom and corn, and a shot of apple-laced red bean soup.


The first official course was beautiful to behold; it was Sans chutney Dhai Bhara, it’s one of the famous South Indian street food made from lentil. It was presented with the rubbles of clouds speckled everywhere since yogurt is inundated to a liquid nitrogen that gives a smoky gimmick. I love how they topped it with fresh pomegranate, crispy bondi & homemade chaat masala.



Season 2 Menu of Carnival by Tresind is inspired by Suburban food in India served in a unique way of live cooking straight on your table. It has a more specific focus i-e the idea of taking popular dishes with plenty of character and giving them the unique Tres-ind treatment. Substituting most of the menu dishes a few months after opening is a bold move, but Carnival remained very colorful in practice again and put in the sense of acceptance to dishes for diners this time also.

I was also underwhelmed by the set of 2 comprises of Bombay Chutney Sandwich, a popular street food (presented on the palm of porcelain hand depicting the culture of eaten with hands) it was a yummy bread stuffed with a flavorsome mint chutney. It was not too large to eat in one bite, which resulted in pure satisfaction to diners. 2nd was the Pink Panu Puri (Puri made up of beetroot served with pomegranate water in a tube) which was introduced in an ode to breast cancer awareness, and they decided to continue it as a part of winter menu due to it’s; popularity.  The flavors were spot on.  Tangy & tad bit of sweet as I like it.



By far we were elevated by a series of firm features on the new menu till we reach to its peak as we witness beef and prawns, cooked on a heated Himalayan rock salt slab. The meat course is almost always my favorite on a tasting menu, but this one left me expressly impressed. The meat was tender and self-salted & sizzled over the rock it’s been cooked on. The accompanying flavors were spectacular. Live cooking was something that wowed me instantly.  Lastly, the toss magic of chilly, garlic and basil in it and I’m effortlessly swayed by Chef Himanshu. This interactive experience named as Into The Wild is presented with simplicity inspired by ancient culinary techniques where hot stones were used to cook food. Impeccable choice of spices made this dish lip-smacking in flavors.


Dragon Chicken they wrapped chicken supreme in Nepalese noodle wai wai noodles then marinate the same in the sweet & sour sauce. The chicken is then topped with coriander and flame cooked at the table till coriander gives this fire breathing dragon appearance. It was served with chilled cucumber.  It was one of our favorite items from the new menu which draws inspiration from the Northern parts of India.


Wenger’s was a minced kebab based dish named after a famous pastry shop in Delhi that was opened during the time of British Rule. The dish comprises a luscious Shami kebab with egg salad.Though visually prominent but in taste, this plate was our least favorite of the evening. Instead to their usual palate cleanser i-e sorbet, we enjoyed Strawberry Murabba this time it was simple strawberry with jaggery water served on a chilled platter.


The Family Picnic is an absolute delight with a bamboo picnic basket presented to the table filled with a usual array of items, cutlery, plates, and glasses. But hey we could see a full range of plastic Tupperware in addition, full of accompaniments/ condiments like raita, pickles along with Channa Bhatura (wild chickpeas) & roasted cumin potato.


Alongside gracious & potential Family Picnic Basket we enjoyed coastal specialty Jhinga La La (Goan style prawn curry) which was flavorsome and overpowering for rest of the ingredients. Sarson ka Saag & Makai ki roti was also served in thali alongside accompaniments from the picnic basket. It’s certainly carb heavy but Yummy in our tummy.







Known as Fruit Custard is actually an ice cream made right in front of the guests using liquid nitrogen. Combining a variety of fresh fruits with custard, the ice cream is churned at the table amidst a cloud of gasses, once prepared it is served within the frozen shell of a watermelon and topped with blueberries, Fruit marmalade & compotes, mango and raspberry gel. It was not overly sweet.  Chikki was the last item served and had made the evening complete with its impressive presentation.


Carnival brings a spectacular burst to their drink creations pompous with allure & appeal. We enjoyed thrilling new concoctions for season 2 in the form of Basil & Watermelon fresh mojito plus Mango & Passion flavored mocktail presented in Skull shape glass vessel.






Volt was a juice mix of berries. The most eminent were Carnival’s Crazy Frog. All the drinks served were bar tender choice.




The Verdict:

We board on an utterly novel culinary journey courtesy Executive Chef Himanshu Saini and the incredible team. Since many possibilities can be experimented under the banner of post-modern Indian food, Carnival by Tresind played very well in that area. Winter menu is indeed an accurate representation of suburban Indian food from the different regions mostly remote areas which is not much known outside their states. Basically, the philosophy is to bring those dishes from a small town and present in a way that never tasted so good before, and they did manage to win our hearts doing so.


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