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Clean & Clear promotional packs & Teen surprise.

Teen skincare brand Clean & Clear has started its Beauty Week event today with an exciting region-wide in-store promotion.

Girls across the Middle East can say good bye to their spring time skin woes – from breakouts and blackheads, to oily or dull skin – and get ready for the new season while saving money, with Clean & Clear’s buy-one-get-one-FREE promotional packs combining two products each to address the top teen skin needs:

  • Blackhead-Free Skin, Bright & Shine-Free Skin,
  • Breakout-Free Skin and Fresh & Clean Skin.

Above promotion packs are priced 20 -25 AED.

What’s more, they have the chance to win a personal video chat with boy-band sensation The5! Now, that’s a reason to glow inside and out!

Each Clean & Clear promo pack has a golden ticket with participation instructions. The competition kicks off today, starting with Carrefour, UAE and runs throughout the end of May, in numerous modern trade stores across the region.