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Crepe & Potato -Yummilicious Treat

Here is our very honest feedback about our last week’s experience of food tasting upon invitation at Crepe & Potato, located at Al Raha in Abu Dhabi. A lot of fast food chains focus these days are on introducing new sandwiches or salad meals including drinks. This French-Californian inspired Cuisine chain specialized in signature Crepe, Potato & Cold-Pressed Juices. Their focus is on crepes and baked potatoes which help them mastered the recipe and technique with the Magic machine they have to prepare these. My only observation is that they have to step up the side’s game with the introduction of more items not typically seen else as they have unique offerings to win their diners hearts already.



We started off with their signature baked a potato in Chicken flavor with bell pepper, corn, coleslaw, tomato and homemade creamy mushroom sauce. It’s surprising that I haven’t tasted any such classic combo elsewhere in the Capital other than cheese and bacon version only. The running consistency of cheese with mushroom sauce is to die for; chicken chunks are melting on mouth texture. It’s a giant size potato and is super filling. The magic machine has made it so convenient to make.



Next on our table was Chili con Wagyu Signature Baked potato – It has minced Australian Wagyu beef, corn, salsa, bell pepper, jalapeños, cheddar, nachos, avocado and sour cream. It’s legit stocked up with greatest variety to bring you best of its version I have tasted elsewhere. But don’t expect to finish it off in one go you indeed need a sharing buddy. The baked crust tasted super earthy, and each flavor has solo representation that’s how neatly it was assembled.



We deliberately took an organic break trying to satisfy our calories conscience 😛 and tried their Californian Quinoa Salad with organic quinoa, bell peppers, dry raisins, red onions, crunchy almonds, pineapple and finished off with home-made honey-lime dressing. It was light and refreshing. Cold pressed juices and Cold coffees are worth mentioning too. You get the variety to choose from and Juices most of the time available on their juice rack to grab and go too.




Next, we tried the savory and sweet crepes. Savory was my favorite it was Wagyu & Pepper. It was slow-cooked Australian Wagyu Beef Brisket, served with zucchini and mozzarella cheese with our homemade mild black pepper sauce. I was so delighted to taste this as I have always been missing out on a great venue serving savory crepes. Finally, I know where to get my savory crepes craving sorted.



In sweet crêpe, we tried Ferrero (which is different from Ferrero Rocher; also on the menu). It has kinder maxi, and there’s a garnish plus drizzle of home-made white and milk chocolate sauce (surprisingly it is too similar to the taste of kinder). The batter consistency must have been perfect to create this thickness/texture of crêpe to bring dimension to the gooey, sweet & savory side of this dish.  It simply melts and blends in your mouth with each scoop of accompanies ice-cream. Another version we tried was called Brownie with of course the named ingredient plus Nutella and pecan nut. It was also served with an ice-cream scoop. The Salty home-made caramel sauce blended with brownie so well. The chain has some other interesting with Oreo & red-berries options, if your sweet-tooth aches for a little different.




It’s refreshing to know that a food Chain / Cafe can be inventive, or at least break the mold of what kind of food commonly prepared and served quickly for the masses specially here in the region. All in all, they serve great crepe, and the fillings were wonderful. I scored crepe & potato which I taste both 4 stars out of 5, it was excellent. Signature baked potatoes are served with a salad which I feel could be better presented and the sandwich to be a little less toasted. Summing up,  Crepe & Potato did fair justice to their ‘title’, and legit serves the best of the 2 in the Capital. Nice casual atmosphere – will be back! Great crepes and must-to-go place for jacket & signature baked potato! We simply Loved it !

Phone number
02 6674928
Cafe, Desserts
Al Muneera, Al Raha Beach, Al Raha, Abu Dhabi

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