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Detox Delight Flu Fighter Special

The seasons might be changing but that doesn’t mean you have to fall under the spell of seasonal colds and flus. With the Detox Delight Flu Fighter Special you’ll be well prepared to fight nasty bugs and germs while giving your body a much needed boost.

Simply pay for 5 and receive 7 days of immune boosting detox plus free Flu Fighting Shots.

Benefits of this amazing 7 day health-enhancing programme include:

  • An extra dose of energy-enhancing vitamins
  • A turbo-charged immune system
  • The opportunity to get in shape in time for purchasing your new Fall wardrobe

The 7-day package including Free Flu Fighter Shots and delivery to Dubai retails at AED 1950. For delivery to all other Emirates, the 7-day package retails at 2190 DHS.

This truly delicious Perfect Liquid Cleanse Combo package includes:

  • A variety of 4 cold-pressed juices
  • A soup made from freshly harvested fruit and vegetables
  • 1 daily Superfood Flu Fighter Shot

All Detox Delight products are handmade and 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free, unpasteurized and without any artificial additives.

About Detox Delight:

Detox Delight is the UAE’s first detox delivery service, which brings wellbeing directly to consumer’s doorsteps. Detox Delight’s focus is on a natural, nutrient-rich diet that supports the self-purification powers of the body. Together with the right amount of healthy exercise as well as support by complementary treatments, Detox Delight want to make it possible for their customers to achieve their ideal weight without much change to their daily routine. Offering a variety of juice, food and snack options, Detox Delight is more than just a weight loss/management programme, it is a holistic approach to the long-term improvement of nutrition and thus metabolism and well-being. Their products are designed for people who, despite their demanding professional, private and social lives, don’t wish to neglect their well-being. For more information visit call 04 338 3565