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Doner & Gyros – Mushriff Mall Abu Dhabi

Doner & Gyros UAE has brought two primary products ‘Doner ‘ & ‘Gyros’ from two different backgrounds, together and to start the brand here in UAE where many cultures mix. For some, this eatery brought you a taste of home, for others, it’s an entirely new experience. We have visited and reviewed their Mushrill Mall branch last week. I found their Doner much more that Gourmet Shawarma and Gyros extra delicious.


The Doner we tasted at the outlet was a real inspiration from a Berlin doner. Freshly baked sesame flatbread is filled with juicy strips of meat sliced directly off the rotisserie. It is then topped off with a variety of lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, and cucumber. Hubby added a dash of their signature sauce and got a kick of spice into his first bite!


Using homemade sesame flatbreads and sauces along with fresh ingredients, they won our hearts and provide us a taste of what they claim as a traditional world famous German Doner. I am yet to decide until I will try the latter one, but as I said what we tasted we simply loved it!




The American, or rather Chicagoan, Gyros is another successful story of adapting ethnic flavors to local tastes. Cones of Gyro meat rotate on a vertical broiler until perfectly roasted. This tender flavorful meat is then sliced and folded into freshly baked pita bread. It was topped off with some tomatoes and onions. What makes it extra special is generous serving of their signature tzatziki sauce which consists of strained yogurt, cucumber, oil and our secret spices. CAUTIOUS! Dripping Alert and trust me guys you need to open your mouth extra wide to take those enormous bits. Gyros was crunchy and succulent at the same time.


Their Gyros are inspired by Chicago’s own unique taste of Gyros. Street food that has developed over the years and is synonymous with the taste of American Gyros. The extra added twist with Rice Bowls was commendable too, the only aspect which didn’t impress me a lot was the lack of fresh juices ashakes.s . However till recently when we discover that they have introduced “Smoothies” haven’t tried yet but looking forward. The lemonade we tried were okiesh.


We also tried their newly introduced sliders,  I didn’t find it as good as Gyros however it’s generously filled with meat and sauce and it kind to tastebuds when you are in the mood of mini sliders with a meaty wish.

Meeting CEO:


It was great meeting Mr. NABI NASEEB and knowing his background and inspiration behind the Doner & Gyros concept during our last trip to AlSeef mall Doner & Gyros launch. He has spent many years traveling both on business and with family across the globe and had most enjoyable experiences from tasting the great foods from all around the world. The Berlin Doner and the Chicago Gyros have been two of his personal favorites, and he has drawn his inspiration for the brand from the same.



Doner & Gyros offers affordable, healthy, and delicious traditional sandwiches with an urban and modern twist. Service was pretty quick and satisfactory. Their food has been carefully sourced.


The live cooking aspect also ensured a great show for customers and a quick, hygienic and fresh way to cook delicious food. Customers have the freedom in the choice of sandwich style, house-made sauces and the ingredients of their meal. This provides an innovative twist to the whole dining experience.


We highly recommend you to dine in at Doner & Gyros Mushrill Mall branch to try their delicious meal options in a casual, comfortable space. Thanks, Aquinash and Team Doner & Gyros for lovely invite. We love and appreciate the whole story telling about special sandwich Doner & Gyros way.




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