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Elemis BIOTEC facial experience in Abu Dhabi


I have purposely selected to talk about this exclusive treatment in my today’s blog post. I got introduced to this unique fusion of Actives, touch and technology during my last Elemis Morning Breakfast at Westin Abu Dhabi Resort. Since then I was waiting anxiously to try out the entire session and series of this amazing technology. Today after 3 sessions of the Elemis BIOTEC Facial I am in a great place to share my experience with you.

IMG_2188Heavenly Spa at The Westin Abu Dhabi’s Golf Resort & Spa has exclusively introduced these facials to the UAE’s capital. The Spa embodies health-enhancing philosophy, enabling guests to immerse themselves in a unique world for physical and mental renewal, the perfect environment to launch such a unique beauty offering from renowned British luxury skincare and spa brand, ELEMIS.

Delivered in 30 or 60 minutes, each BIOTEC facial combines a unique high-potency activator and specially designed Elemis Skin Lift Touch. Using the power of hands-on therapy, the Skin Lift Touch softens and prepares the skin. Significantly improving skin function, it enables it to convert energy from each technology and “receive” the actives more effectively, whilst re-balancing the skin’s micro-flora. BIOTEC is a super-advanced facial machine for unparalleled results.

Venue: The Heavenly Spa, Abu Dhabi presents an opportunity for guests to unwind in one of six treatment rooms, and renew their minds and bodies with signature treatments. Refined, natural materials of stone, water and wood are paired with the deluxe specialty finishes of glass tiles and polished surfaces, creating a soft, warm and welcoming respite for a quiet day of indulgent spa services. Read full details of other treatments in my blog HERE.

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Organic, intuitive and luxurious, this destination spa offers its guests a premier spa experience, highlighting the lush gardens of the resort’s richly planted grounds, in perfect synergy with ELEMIS’ four brand pillars; nature, science, the personal touch and a hands-on approach.

IMG_2211My Experience: I have chosen L.E.D. Blemish Control Facial in my first session after having consultation regarding my then existing condition of the skin. I was satisfied with the consultation. Hence we began with Deep cleansing, light therapy facial to my visibly clear and re-balance mix however oilier, blemish prone skin. It’s tingling feeling to your face though not painful, with a series to 2-3 instrument been used with frequent face cleaning and cleansing with hands accompanying some cream and toners.

• It reduces breakouts and clear pores over next few days, as I regularly kept my skin clean.
• Anti-Blemish Activator which is rich in anti-oxidants Rosalina, Lavender and Sweet Marjoram has also resulted in a powerful combination of ultrasonic peeling.
• Reduced my red skin patches and areas and also provided balance tone (not entirely) with clearer complexion.
• Galvanic current and steam deeply cleanse exfoliate and re-balance an oily, congested skin.
• Clinically proven light therapy helped repair and reduce inflammation.
• My skin pore size though is not visibly reduced however I got less acne which means it did decline in size to some extent.

IMG_2238 IMG_2227 IMG_2187

It’s not an overnight magic hence you need to even take care of your routine and skin after your session, however as in following 2 weeks my skin blemishes got reduced my main complaint was of uneven one and hence I have decided to re-visit though this time for another type of BIOTEC facial i-e Sonic Skin-Resurfacing Facial as my second session. This one claims to be Revolutionary resurfacing facial to even skin tone, which reduce blemish marks and smooth fine lines. Also this treatment is infused with concentrated lactic and hyaluronic acid.

IMG_2213 IMG_2223 IMG_2226

IMG_0319Further Results:
• Due to its Resurfacing Activator this 2nd treatment did delivers a high-tech double peel to my skin in alternated days.IMG_2221
• Lactic acid helped boost cell turnover, I felt my skin less bumpy and crackly than before.
• Ultrasonic peeling, steam and light therapy revealed smoother skin for me.
• My biggest target yes even tone, yes I achieved it whilst minimizing the appearance of blemish marks and fine lines.

3rd session I am planning for the skin re-surfacing facial and the results will hopefully be strengthened.

ELEMIS BIOTEC also offers following range of treatments:

Triple-Tec Anti-Wrinkle Facial
The ultimate wrinkle-smoothing facial to rejuvenate ageing skin. Face and eyes are targeted with the anti-ageing benefits of the Lines & Wrinkles Activator.
Micro Firm-a-Lift Facial
Super-lift facial to help firm and tighten cheeks, neck and jaw line. Skin is infused and stimulated by the contouring benefits of the Lift Effect Activator

IMG_0323Sonic Skin-Radiance Facial
Radiance-boosting, bio-electric facial to energise tired, dull and stressed skin.
Target tired face and eyes with the brightening Radiance Activator (This is ideal to get rid of those dark circled eyes, as many of my reader often enquired)
O2 Sensitive Skin Soothing Facial
De-sensitising anti-redness facial, to sooth and calm a delicate skin.
Sensitivity and high colour are reduced with the extra-soothing properties of the Sensitive Activator.

Guess what I have booked a session for hubby too exfoliate and power-up, since they also have Super-Charge Facial for Men which is more of a High performance facial for men to de-grease, de-age and calm a stressed, dehydrated skin.

IMG_0320I have my trust in the brand since Elemis is leading the way for over 20 years. With its successful combination of powerful natural ingredients, cutting-edge formulation technology and proven clinical trials it brings to market some of the most influential anti-ageing homecare products and professional spa therapies. Moreover, I recommend this BIOTEC facials as they target specific skin needs to deliver immediate. Visible and longer last results as explained by its founder, hence it caters more to individual.
Thanks to Toh PR, Westin Abu Dhabi and Heavenly Spa Team.
For booking & queries please contact Ms. Nicola or other Staff.
Phone: 971(0)26169770


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