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Famous Dave – Delicious Meaty-full Treat and AED 250 Giveaway


MahiBlog has recently tried Famous Dave’s pit barbecue menu at Abu Dhabi Mall, and we were pleased with it. Not only they were incredible but also well diverse in vast offerings. And the best news is that they are opening a new branch in Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi very soon. As not to echo partiality in my headline statement which is more like a verdict in the very initial paragraph of my review. Let us take you through the food rundown to justify our rating basis for this food review.


Famous Dave himself is regarded as one of the most-awarded pitmasters in history and spent over twenty-five years searching America for the best BBQ – from the smokehouses of Georgia’s Southern foothills to the huge mesquite pits of Texas. What Dave found, was that the best way to cook ribs was to hand rub each slab of the finest quality meat with a secret selection of Southern spices and then slow smoke them in a pit of smoldering hickory. This is the methodology for which the establishment has earned its reputation, and the same techniques are still used to this day. (Derived from available information online)

Ambiance & Décor

With modern and sophisticated decoration overall feel and vibes is great at Famous Dave. This ‘barn’ looking structure in the center of the hall and all barn style wooden bars, not only adds a great visual spectacle to the ambiance but also ideal for breaking up the huge warehouse sized location. It gives the tables and booths a bit of privacy. Cowboy style uniforms, planks of wood, pictured frames of the vintage iconic era, red leather upholstery with hardwood flooring and wooden furniture all these touches captivate us.

As explained by the supervisor they have their customized collection of 500 plus music tracks back home in America of Dave’s liking. But UAE outlets only plays few of them; we loved the Jazz music selection playing while enjoying our food. It’s not too loud to bother the diners. We anxiously went ahead in ordering our food as those fantastic aromas engulfed us from the moment we stepped in. Especially if you’re sitting in the vicinity of the large kitchen area on the left side of the hall, it will be difficult to hold your hunger. Hence without further ado, we dug directly into food.

Food Rundown

Famous Buken (our server lady) came to welcome us with a complimentary bowl of tasty, homemade BBQ chips and sauce stands with 5 different sauces and an empty slot. Rich & Sassy, Devil Spit, Texas Pit, Sweet & Zesty and Georgia Mustard were on display. However, Dave's Revenge arrived only with diner’s permission (once you say those magic words ‘I want to try it’) on the table being extra hot & spicy. She explained it briefly the differences of these sauces on a plate in a creative way making a smiley face as the end result. It was very entertaining with knowledge! Munching on these chips with different sauces was definitely a great start

This was not just it; our experience was made even more unique, private and intimate when Buken arrived with a bottle of Scavi & Ray White Grapy non-alcoholic beverage. This is by far the only mall located food joint (and not a fine dining restaurant) I have seen where they manage to serve this expensive drink with all its grace. In fact, I loved the into “Famous Garden Spritzer” mocktail they turned it into. Thyme-infused elderflower syrup freshly squeezed grapefruit juice was mixed with this ultra-refreshing sparkling grape juice. We had enjoyed these moments to the brim!

Next came to table burnt end. As supervisor informed they smoked it for twelve hours, which was indeed the Pitmaster’s secret. Once you get to indulge in these tender pieces of Texas Beef Brisket seared and caramelized with Sweet & Zesty BBQ sauce you simply hog on it non-stop. I shamelessly finished off Mr. K’s share from his plate as well. I would highly recommend it to enjoy it as is without opting for cheesy or spicy touch as you will be wasting 5 Dhs. It tastes delicious in the traditional way.

Hand-held BBQ Tacos accompanied with refreshing home-made spiced salsa was a true indicator of freshness for ingredients. It arrived in 3 different flavors i-e Brisket, Crispy Chicken, and Pulled Chicken. The flour tortilla was so crisp and is loaded with veggie essentials like shredded lettuce. My favorite was pulled chicken as it has caramelized onion and roasted sweet corn which makes it extra tangy and flavorsome. Oh and the corn muffin served along was a unique touch. Like back home, some people actually come to FD only to taste this item as a complete meal.

Barbecue nachos was a mix with cheddar cheese, lettuce, baked beans, famous chili, jalapenos and seasoned sour cream. It has flavor mix of sour, salty and sweet but I did not like that after very short time due to beans it tastes moist, it would taste good without beans too. Broccoli and Cheese Baked Potato was a veggie treat with sour cream, cheese sauce, whipped butter topped with house-smoked cheddar cheese sauce. CHEESY !

Meat Enthrall

Famous Dave’s Barbecue is a retreat for carnivores out there, and we are talking about plentiful meat, whether ribs, wings, or brisket be your preference. There is a meat galore in every section on their menu ranging from Authentic Appetizers to Pitmaster Platters, Award Winning Ribs to Pitmaster Combos.

Dave’s Sampler Platter in appetizers section was customized for us with Buffalo Shrimp, Onion Strings, Fried Pickles, Chicken Tenders and Traditional Wings. Sauces to go make it an ideal starter when you visit along with family and friends. Next, we tried their all-American Barbecue Feast platter is just ideal for sharing. It has generous portions of Beef Back Ribs, Country-Roasted Chicken & Texas Beef Brisket; Creamy Coleslaw, Baked Beans, potato wedges, Sweet Corn and Corn Bread Muffins as sides; None of the pieces were dry or unchewable. I loved the temperature and rear it served at. The baked bean was a bit sour for my taste, but hubby loved the same and balanced it by the corn bread. The slaw was ok-ish.

Another must try item was Devil’s Spit burger. It was Slathered with Devil’s Spit BBQ sauce. Topped with melted Monterey Jack cheese, beef bacon, and hell-fire pickles. Very juicy and filling and served with some pickles on the side too. For chicken lovers, they also have Fried Chicken with Hot (as in spicy) option too. It is very well seasoned and fried to order then hit with Dave’s hot chicken oil right before service. Served with Hell-Fire pickles. Another very tasty choice on the menu.

Highly recommended and best dish from entire menu items we tasted was Smoked Rack of Lamb. It was dusted with Dave’s special lamb spices & smoked for 3 hours, served with an apricot-mint glaze which was an unusual addictive combination. We have decided to go back for this great choice with good friends & family.


We were literally left with no room for desserts, however, our great host Dhiraj, insisted us to try their Melt-in-your-mouth Dave’s Famous Bread Pudding and to our surprise, it also came in a full-size portion which I & Mr. K couldn't finish. I loved the touch of drizzled pecan praline sauce on it.


We love the way how the staff and management are so passionate about the food they serve. They are open to constructive feedback. Our during & post food interaction with the crew was super fun and energetic especially the group photo session. Our server Buken was so courteous, friendly, attentive and famous (you will know what I mean once you visit this place). They believe in keep improving on flaws and strongly affirmed that good would get better, better will get best! I left the joint with stomach and sight both filled to brim as a Famous Raving Fan. Meaty Goal Achieved !

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AED 250 Gift Voucher

Now is your chance to win AED 250 Gift Voucher from Famous Dave's. All you have to do is answer the below question and all the correct entries will be included in a draw for the selection of a winner, and the person will be contacted directly via Mahiblog.


Famous Dave’s is opening soon its second branch in Abu Dhabi, which of the below is the new location?

1-Mushrif Mall    2-Al Wahda Mall    3-Marina Mall

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