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Fuel Your Desire for The ‘Sweet’ Life – Ciaté Choc Pots

It is the luxury of the the season.. presenting for Mahi Blog fans and readers.. An exciting news about Ciaté Product !

Fuel Your Desire for The ‘Sweet’ Life This Festive Season With Ciaté Choc Pots

** Candy Sweet Nourishment for Nails**

Discover the ideal Christmas stocking gift with Ciaté Choc Pots – a sweet way to remove nail polish in an instant.

With four deliciously aromatic, chocolate -infused scents, Ciaté Choc Pots are available in: Ciate Choc Pot - Mint Chocolate_AED40

  • Orange Chocolate
  • Mint Chocolate
  • White Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate

Ciaté Choc Pots are not only an incredibly convenient way to remove polish in a hurry, they provide an excellent way to nourish and care for nails. Ingredients include vitamin B5 and vitamin E as well as Marula oil, which is considered as Africa’s beauty secret. Marula oil is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and omegas, delivering much needed moisture to dry, parched skin. Simply pop each finger in the pot and give it a twist to remove polish in a flash.

Ciate Choc Pot - Dark Chocolate_AED40I personally love this brand Ciaté. It is a London-based brand specialising in nail polish colours, nail treatments, hand and foot care and accessories, founded by Charlotte Knight, a celebrity session nail artist. Ciaté is an acronym for Colour, Innovation, Aspiration, Trend and Extraordinary – which form the philosophy behind the brand. The brand is certified as a 3 FREE meaning their nail polish is formulated without Dibutyl-Phthalate, Toluene or Formaldehyde. Ciate Choc Pots are priced at AED 40 each and are available to buy from Marks & Spencer. For more information visit


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