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Hiccup – A very decent International Eatery with good Food

Hiccup is located in Al Fatouh Mall. Their location is easy to find even though the mall is not very busy but is situated on the main road. They have also introduced a new menu recently. While the main courses and coffee section on the menu is still quite similar, the desserts part has been affected the big time the main courses are plenty though some are overpriced. But overall, if you go through the menu, it’s vast but still compact. It’s really very hard to maintain the varieties of different nationalist food, but Hiccup did it.




Hiccup Eatery served us a great variety of Breakfast. First arrived at the table were bread and butter.




After a quick glance at menu, we went for 2 options the full English version which has 2 eggs made in the way you like it, we preferred omelet. It also accompanied sausages, grilled turkey bacon, mushroom, tomato baked beans and Hash Browns. It was served warm and is delicious in taste, I prefer my bacon not to be over grilled, and it seems like they know the perfect trick to keep it juicy and desired crisp at the same time. Another great option is an Arabian morning with perfect grilled halloumi, with hummus, fattoush, labneh and cucumber with salty olives served with khubus. It was clean and lean plus very healthy meal.




As we dined here with my family, hence we went ahead after breakfast and had tried some great starters as well as their main courses. Classic Club Sandwich was nothing short of precision, very delicious but I preferred it to share and not to gulp it myself only as I wanted to keep some room for entrees. The portions are quite large. Chicken Philly Style was another hot sandwich option you have at Hiccup, the only thing I was missing out was some yummy dip.




We also tried Asian shrimp tempura. It flaunted the Gulf Shrimps with perfect crispy coating along with sweet chili sauce. I also tried their quinoa and cucumber salad, which was definitely my favorites from the appetizers, I would surely go again for the same. My kids enjoyed their chicken & mushroom fettucini pasta in alfredo sauce, very creamy yet dainty.  As per them, it was really good! Mr. K has opted for the steak which was again decent, and it comes with potatoes and steamed vegetables.





Desserts were literally the best of the whole affair. We sampled 2 items, and I can’t decide which one was better than the other. The quality of the ingredients speaks loud out in the taste of the menu items served. The Crepe was delightful with Nutella filling served with Strawberry slice. Another classic dessert we ate was Sticky Date Pudding, you should definitely try this mind-blowing spongy cake like deliciousness. It was rich, gooey and perfect in taste.





The interior design of the restaurant was classy, I loved the color scribble printed tables in terrace setting. The food was delicious! The presentation was exceptional, especially the plating of dishes. I really like it. Outside it seems less crowded, and it appears that most of the people come here for coffee only but believe me this restaurant is understated.






All in all Hiccup for us was exactly an experience of great taste, global culture, neat, clean and hygienic preparation of our desired menu. The chefs are amazing at what they do and so is management i-e a good job of creating a comfortable cafe with a full eat-in menu wherein from service to the quality of food all make it a great place to dine at.


02 6315111 – Contact No.

Fotouh Al Khair Mall, Marks & Spencer, Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi

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