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The HIDE, Relaunched at Al-Qasr hotel

Under the cooking adventures of British Chef Nick Cuadrado this total premier meat experience eatery has relaunched last month. Team MahiBlog was invited and had great expectations for best meat cuts. We reached a bit late and found whole venue cram-packed and over brimming with fashionistas, food bloggers and people who are just passionate about great food and good social meet-ups.

The staff are knowledgeable and polite with excellent service. They are trained to ensure diners satisfaction and I found them ever-smiling and pretty pro-active even at such a busy event. I must say service from kitchen was prompt in spite of the real time hustle and chaos going on in there, they made sure the guest will enjoy the evening at their fullest with running flow of food and drinks.  Sadly, I didn't get to try all the starters except tartare. I'm not raw meat fan still I liked these palatable tarter and buttery mushrooms on a crunchy crouton entrée. Beef Tartar was a very skillfully assembled dish since you could choose the item you would not want to go in it.

All in all ambiance was lovely & setting of the restaurant was really pleasant. We loved outdoor seating while admiring the Aabra (water transport) travel, view of Madinat Jumeirah and Burj-al-Arab. We even witness the firework above the iconic building that day.
Their Artichoke Dips placed on round tables in and outside area, was a must try for someone who’s dip and cheese aficionado. For me their sauces and dips flavors are quite diverse. We got those fresh dipping vegetables and celery sticks along to enjoy with dip like a veggie fondue. Four cheese sauce and cheese bites were to devour for.

Also the live Bagel preparation and baking was unforgettable. We love the sea food bite size treats of crab meat cakes. We also enjoyed risotto with quail eggs, chops and crunchy fries
Our most recommended dish would be the dry aged beef they mostly serve some salad to go with the succulent and tender meat. It’s flavor in all savory items was virtuous.
The desserts were heartening they were not too sweet and kept its par taste as per my liking and in some cases a combination of sweet and salty. Campfire S’mores would be a perfect example with marshmallows and peanut butter. Cheesecake Soufflé was served warm along with chocolate mousse and creamy panna cotta to balance with hot-cold flavors.
The exact notion of an experience at Al Qasr altogether rears your hopes and the expectation slab was extraordinary that day!! This visit was for re-launch event only however I feel I may not have gotten the full experience / exposure of this splendid fine dining American eatery, hence I will be heading there soon again to satisfy my meat craving.

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