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They speak Burgerian-Huff & Puff Burgers reviewed.

Huff & Puff Burgers

They indeed speak Burgerian! A burger outlet which takes its burger even their names very seriously. We were seated outside in their Small cozy shop, fine decoration with Chairs boasting letter H & P from the brand name (my daughter literally adore it). We also had a chance see them preparing our meal all fresh in their open kitchen where they maintain high quality and cleanliness.

Their cheese Fries are best ever along with Onion rings & Buffalo wings. We tried some of their popular burgers and here’s the verdict:


Son of a Gun: it is spicy fried chicken breast, I loved the quality of American cheese they use, it is so dainty. Lettuce used was fresh, and the spicy chick sauce made it even better. The spice level is not to the extent that you will dislike in fact we asked for some sauce on the side to dip in, and they happily oblige.





Steak-Wich: More of a sandwich look alike this Grilled Steak was stellar from the night. Oh, my Burger! Those were the golden words we deliver after taking only our first bite onto this beast. Full of Swiss cheese and grilled veg, it even boosts the Mushroom sauce dripping off the buttery bun. You must try to believe it’s SteakWich-ness.


Burgerista was Mr. K’s favorite with crafted 100% fresh beef and American cheese with egg (your way) ;lettuce, onion , tomato, and bacon. I found bacon over-crisped and not that pleasant while chewing on burger bite, but again it’s quite subjective as some may like it that way.




Puffed & Stuffed ( a Spicy version of Huffed & Stuffed, confused ? well just eat on!) Beef was stuffed with mix cheese in this best-selling burger. Jalapeno even made it sour and spicy with stuffed sauce. It was D-E-L-I-C-O-U-S! deli


Freaky shakes were shown stopper. Indeed, you must visit them to see them in the true freaky avatar as the versions for takeaway are simple in presentation without those garnishes and dripping chocolate, lotus or pretzels. We tried both Lotusing and Oreouccino and it was difficult to decide which one one is better than the other.



Plus Points:

I appreciate that they do not pour in a huge quantity of sauce to make the burger juicy. As that part is very well taken care by their soft milk buns.  They might not be popular for them but believe me, they serve one of the best volcano shrimps in town, and I loved the idea how they are resting on shell pasta bed to surprised you further in taste and combination. Oh and if you are an 80’s kid and remember that old cola taste which use to come in glass dwarfy bottles, you must must try their curiosity Cola, well don’t worry if you get hooked on to it, after all, they are zero fat soft drinks 😉

I didn’t find any negative on their menu except that from service logistic point of view, where they can use even a stronger wrap around the paper to hold on to their burgers. It would be great if it doesn’t get clammy and rip apart so easily especially in delivery orders. Parking is another serious problem if you are planning to dine-in as it’s popular in neighborhood hence most people end up taking away. Eventually the place is filled with honking cars waiting for their order. Popular!





Nothing we tasted at their outlet was below average. Hospitality wise they are superb too, Server was quick in taking as well as bringing our orders. I can’t feel more proud living in this country knowing such great home grown food business; it’s an Emirati ran diner that serves a really good quality Burger. MahiBlog highly recommends! Special thanks to our host lady Mihaela and management for invite.




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