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Iftar at Castle Restaurant – Khalifa City Abu Dhabi

Castle Restaurant has entirely given a face-lift during Ramadan, with an introduction of a cozy and quiet air-conditioned tent customized suiting the requirements of Ramadan. Set-up is so unique and bamboo inspired, very well-lit and existing features of the restaurant terrace are been well utilized. I love that they don’t serve shisha which makes them unique and different from rest of the ones where this concept is attaché to the tent. This might also be the reason of them receiving mostly the family crowd amongst diners. The tent though not large with a maximum capacity of 80 ppl was entirely packed with mostly Emirati and Arabic diners.




Service and food quality are top-notch. Every single thing is prepared from scratch and is fresh. I have sampled four varieties of salad and honestly it was hard to decide which one is better than the other. Especially when it’s open buffet it’s a challenge to keep up the quality of cold items but kudos to the chefs team for handling the spread with smart cooking antics to make it presentable and yet appetizing to this extent.




Live Counters GALORE




There was galore of live counters maximum in such capacity I have found elsewhere, and the best part is all are substantial with full care and dedicated staff for each. Pao bhaji live station served fresh bun toasted on a hot plate with an option of veg and non-veg bhaji. We tasted both, and they were delicious.





Next to that was the family’s equally favorite live station handled by the sous chef himself, i-e Pasta ! the most scrumptious I ever had. Samosa chaat corner was very busy too, then comes the logimat and shebab counter hugely popular amongst local crowd. Just at the back side of the tent, they have Mixed Grill, and Fresh bread live in the making.





Main items have a mix of Indian plus local favorites i-e Emirati and oriental dishes like Biryani, Mashawi, Mohalazaid etc. Desserts table has variety too but what caught our attention was yummy falooda glasses. All in all, it was a unique experience where we tasted succulent mix grill and tasty Harees.




Service was prompt and efficient. Mr. Hitesh is always so hospitable and genuine in his effort making sure to serve us and rest of the customers at their best. Kids even enjoyed in their kiddies Bouncy castle post dinner, Karak Chai was another highlight of the evening. We left with a happy tummy and satisfied palate.




Highly recommended and steal at a price of AED 89/-. We are looking forward to visiting again as we did miss the bamboo biryani after all.



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