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Iftar Culinary Experience at Tamba

Iftar Culinary Experience at Tamba.

Be ready to get Indulge this Ramadan with a generous Iftar at Tamba with a touch of class. To honor the holy month, once again they have designed an offering that satisfies end to a day of pious commemoration while still shedding light to their distinct approach to food conception. I can rave on about my fondness for Tamba but as it has been reviewed on four occasions before ( Tamba Exclusive Food Preview, Tamba Grand Launch, Tamba Iftar 2016 and the latest Tamba’s new menu review ) hence I will (try) remain brief.




This place never fails to impress. So many flavorful and creative dishes. We received excellent service throughout the night. Nestled in the HUB at WTC Mall in Abu Dhabi, it’s is an Indian restaurant which serves a diverse buffet in elegant interior and lavish seating.




We began with apricots and dates and moved to root veg chips and chutneys accompanied by the basic chicken & lentil plus lentil soup, the only sort of Arabic allusion in the menu. We moved to lighter dishes and tried my winter menu beloved Delhi mix with smokey quinoa mess.




Baby Spinach and Paneer Salad was Mr. K’s  favorite with garlic chips on top. It’s a pure veggie delight, and we finished it in no time.



The set menu consists of more than ten courses of popular existing and some new dishes.  Including old favorites such as Biryani, sweet and sour pumpkin on spinach parathas and 48hrs slow cooked lamb shank, Rogan Josh.



I did contemplate on finishing the entire tandoori chicken wings glazed of and empowered in jaggery on the skin, but as hubby was adamant for me to try, I dug further and discovered more taste in the flesh while enjoying with hands.



Bombay bhaji roll was okiesh in taste. The Ramadan beverages on offer are Tamba’s take on traditional Iftar drinks such as Laban, jallab, and a fragrant apricot juice; all three were served in different origin glass to observe the quintessence of serving, and quality remains keenly.



My favorite was Laban, and I requested even a 2nd glass for the same. We also tasted a new mocktail drink from house drinks menu(not included in Iftar spread) the Kolkata Libation. It was a tasty mix on Kumquat, lemonade and grapefruit juice.



Continuing the mammoth feast, we reach desserts, the downside was the long wait for it but worth to linger as we were offered a new sorbet made from calamansi and chili whilst uplifting, it has a citric punt.



The excitement doesn’t end there, as we ended with the ever inspiring, Break Up. A generously dense and rich mix of dark chocolate soft mousse center, peanut semifreddo, salted caramel and drizzled chocolate sauce.




Tamba is taking diners on a new culinary journey via a set menu specially created for Iftar.  But remember it’s not a traditional Iftar in the sense that Tamba serves Indian food with a twist, hence don’t go with the expectation of many traditional Arabic item or accompaniment.




As ever, their menu and dedication offer pure worth for money, given the eminence and sum of food on offer at Iftar table. I was thrilled to receive an invite from Rupesh Shetty to experience Iftar at our ever favorite spot in the Capital Tamba. The house team has for all time put careful deliberation into what’s being served and in the very order, to furnish best for those breaking their fast. It’s table service style and not buffet hence more relaxed and hospitable in Holy month.



The Iftar menu is available during Ramadan from sunset until 8.30pm and is a steal at AED198 per person + 10% service charge.To book, head to or call +971 2 672 8888

TAMBA RESTAURANT | The Hub, The Mall at WTCAD Level 6 | +971 2 304 82 19