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Impressive buffet served in a grand ambiance – Grand Barbeque Buffet Restaurant


Today’s post is about our recent discovered foodie gala in Dubailand, known as Grand Barbeque Buffet Restaurant. Grand Barbeque is a finest contemporary restaurant serving authentic Indian, Pan-Asian & other international cuisines. Grand Barbeque’s eclectic mix of flavors combines traditional style barbecue and have a flavor of their own.

We were invited to try the Friday buffet at this Buffet Restaurant over the weekend. The restaurant is a well-lit corner located in the frantic gourmet core of Satwa. Hence it was fairly easy to find though parking was a matter of luck which we found easily that day, The High ceiling interior is decorated in simple & neat shades of cream and brown woodwork, making the décor super elegant and giving a more spacious look with umbrella style pillar. The ambiance is extremely family friendly with a few private dining rooms.



It is famous as one of the best & largest Buffets in Dubai, where floor size is very reasonable, and you will always find large groups dining in with family and friends. For family and me it’s hard not to like Indian-Paki style dining with tandoori items and some desi goodness. Hence we took no time contemplating over decisions and moved on to the Buffet. I loved the fact how we got a chance to sit back and relax without the hassle of having to order dishes to satisfy everyone’s craving in a family of having different food priorities, as almost everything in variety was available in the buffet.  Be it a family gathering or a group of ever hungry friends; you are definitely in for a treat at Grand Barbecue.




They have plenty of tables all were occupied, and I could even notice people waiting to join in, but despite the buzzing crowd, the service was flawless!  Chef Akash humbly greeted and welcomed us and was kind enough to edify us on the restaurant’s milieu, live cooking and the rotating menu.  The spread includes a decent variety of vegetarian options apart from the non-vegetarian ones. The buffet area is planned smartly in a rectangular space with Salad bar located just behind the pillar, and glass cubicles of the Live counter are starting from the right corner with dim sum & noodle station and then moving onto the appetizers, mains, a chat corner and lastly the desserts at the center.  The salad has many unusual and continental items that I could not even casually ignore. Chef has also updated us of upcoming detox juices and healthy salads inclusion in coming months too.



A mouth-watering, fine looking platter was expressly put out on our table, while we were busy with buffet tour. This presentation brings out quirky side of the restaurant with a reminiscence of childhood memories over the plating. Geometry stencils were used well pertinently in the presentation. Black slab platter included Murgh Badami Seekh, Tandoori chicken, bharwa kebab mutton which was coated with vermicelli, mutton roti pai boti, white lean Haryali Fish & Shish tawook which is ob Lebanese orient.



We did try their Vegetarian version of grill platter too and found it equally pleasing especially tandoori momos, watermelon bbq & firdousi green kebab; I loved the plate creativity once again. Their Scrumptious Buffet spread includes a huge variety of Starters, both Veg and Non-Veg, allowing you to relish the feeling of a feast with our BBQs that are served straight from the grills.

Grand Barbeque’s distinctive & eccentric Buffet concept is a feast for our senses. Chef Akash and his team have indeed put up a great culinary show. Be it their live cooking counters or Fresh Organic salads, homemade pickles (which we sample too thanks to generosity) or BBQ, Starter or Main course, and finally, the lip-smacking desserts all make up together for this deluxe menu. Their speedy and an exceptionally constructed menu in a modish cooking style did elevate our experience, and well explain the agility behind the kitchen.



We chiefly noticed few never-before-undertaken routine buffet dishes, mingling so well with the impression of the time-honoured cooking style with the leading-edge cooking techniques. We vow to dispense the exquisite from across the land of Asia while retaining the authenticity of each dish.

While eating we had the pleasure of trying out some latest concoctions i-e infusion drink of Supari, Pepsi & thanda masala soda. I loved the sweet hints, and strong soda taste and an interesting mix of sweet, sour and spice. We also tried mangolicious lady with a strawberry punch which is basic and Ocean mermaid with a blue lagoon which was refreshing.




It was almost impossible to try each thing. However, I still savor a little bit of many things when it came to the mains.  A few noteworthy items are the ultra rich Butter Chicken, a deep red Laal Maas ( Rajasthani Mutton Gravy), Malabar Chicken Curry, Paya (I shamelessly took two servings in those ultra-traditional clay pots, sourced via long route, which shows their keen take on keeping the authenticity in presentation too)  and. Chicken Biryani is my first preference. However, I was gloomy to know that they serve Mutton only on weekend dinners. But once I tried the same I couldn’t resist praising it to Chef Akash.

It tasted way better than any average one as seemed slightly gentle on spices on a brighter side. It is important not to have everything super spicy in the presence of authentic Indian Pakistani hot spicy dishes, and they did take care of this point. Birbal ki Khichdi is another mild dish which you can customize as per your spice and chili threshold.



It is mandatory to talk about their Chaat corner with a vast, colorful menu right there. I tried Pani Puri and Bhel Puri with aampanna and sweet & sour sauce. A single large puri with regular toppings was so Instagram worthy. Kids enjoyed ice-cream corner too.

We took a short while before jumping onto the sweetest course of the day regarding taste and impression both, yes the desserts. While we were browsing through familiar cakes and bakes, kids spotted an enormous chocolate fountain, and they had the happiest time of their lives. Hubby also tried few authentic Indian sweets can be found like hot Gulab Jamun, Dhoodhi Halwa, Barfis, etc. All the dishes and ingredients even in this section were wisely put in compact but easily accessible manner. We had as superb chai finish to dose off all that stuffed feeling to be ready to drove back to Abu Dhabi.




All in all, we did delight our inner foodie with massive ingestion in an exquisite & luxurious ambiance of mega seating lavish Buffet. And yes, make sure to go prepared with the thought in your Stomach rather than mind to eat till you drop. I’d say it is a gratifying plus rewarding buffet amongst raining buffets in Dubai and I look forward visiting them soon!

The entire meal is highly affordable at the cost of 59 Dhs for lunch and around 75 Dhs for dinner (per person).

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