Khaymetna, Food & Sports Tent – Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan

Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan is  hosting a tasteful and all-inclusive Ramadan tent. Iftar and suhoor is offered in the air-conditioned Khaymetna tent, where people can enjoy traditional, international and Asian-inspired dishes.

Khaimatna-0606  Khaimatna-0605

This family-friendly Hotel is inviting the guests to celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan with them at this captivating sea side tent “Khaymetna” overlooking the Arabian Gulf and experience truly traditional meals. Televisions in every corner to show all the games you want to watch during the Euro – cup 2016. This sea view tent gives a sensibility so laid-back and inviting that will fully put you in the right mind-set during the Holy Month.


We along with friends have enjoyed beautifully intimate atmosphere with the startling views and indulge in spectacular Suhoor dishes at the venue last week. It is indeed an ultimate tent to watch the games, whether your ar hungry for soccer, basketball, cricket, baseball, rugby or any other sport you can think of “Khaymetna” is where you need to be. Along with match viewing, we also enjoyed and experience a requisite menu of delicious food and some detectable mezzeh speciality by Chef Abu Halab.


Kamoon Salad was so yummy with avocado, onion, garlic, tomato, parsley & rasberry. Batata harra was our favourite amongst the hot mezzeh, another worth mentioning appetizer is Halloum Meshwi.


Khaimatna-0614   Khaimatna-0613

In main we enjoyed Kebab Halabi (marinated minced lamb) & meshawi meshakeleh which has variety of tawooq skewer, kebab halabi, lamb arayess and lamb bbq pieces. The night has ended well on a sweet note in form of baked yogurt and cut fruits.

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Ambiance and the tent experience was the WOW factor along with great food as everything you love about sports you will find in one place i-e “Khaymetna”. During or even after Ramadan, it’s a must place to visit. we are heading back there again after holy month again to enjoy more sports and yummy food.



For more info & bookings:02-6570186 , events.khalidiya@rotana.com