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Majlis Al Fareej – An Emirati Fusion

I Finally Ate at an Emirati Restaurant! In the last year I heard of an Emirati restaurant “Majlis-al Fareej” have opened up since then I was very excited to try them all! This is my first visit to the venue and I find it easy to locate. Within proximity on Muroor street away from City noise and traffic lies the juxtaposition of tall buildings and modern shopping mall. Majlis-al-Freej is sitting right into this soon-to-be posh area with traditional wooden structures.

The 'first of its kind' restaurant Majlis Alfareej is a homegrown restaurant that introduces authentic and fusion style dishes and cooking to the capital, bringing to life traditional Emirati cuisine by adding a modern fusion cuisine and menu created by Chef Khulood Atiq, something that has never been done before in the UAE. With bold and mouth-watering signature dishes such as Green Soup Pie and Diyay Tortilla, Majlis Alfareej’s food offering definitely stands out and will appeal to the cosmopolitan appetite of Abu Dhabi. Conveniently located in soon to be posh area of Abu Dhabi, it is surrounded by many other food chain and restaurants.

We were being invited to review the outlet. Upon arrival we were warmly greeted by the restaurant Manager, Sami. He welcomed us, introduced us to our server for the day and took us through the menu as well. The menu was both extensive and interesting. Many will be familiar with the names of some of the more well-known traditional dishes, however expats would love it equally as they have sufficient to go in modern side and main dishes. I enjoyed a lot, it is a treat to have the chance to try them.

For something a little bit different, a meal at Majlis-al-Fareej offers a great insight into Emirati cooking in a charming setting. The restaurant is not completely empty, as, the menu features a soothing line up of ‘Emirati fusion’ dishes prefixed with the words ‘Middle Eastern’ to keep a par balance in food list. Its authenticity is unquestionable, best swallow pretentions of a quintessential local meal. We tried Emirati Tahta Lahem and the Majbous. Diyay. Tahta Lahem is meat cooked with Emirati spices under a layer of Rice and Majbous, which proves the highlight, the biryani-style basmati with a generous sprinkling and cooked with saffron and are served with chicken. Worth going for the surreal setting, though perhaps not the hardcore representation of local cuisine but it’s with great finesse.

In starters I had a Salatat Majestic (Salad) to start, which was so nourishing and a stellar version of Rocca & Strawberry mix I had, best of all I had tasted so far anywhere in UAE, I am so trying my best to get the recipe of majestic dressing on top which is a secret to their dish. Hubby enjoyed signature Majlis Sandwich, it’s a great choice for calorie conscious people too as the Chicken breast pieces are grilled and chef’s sauce is not too greasy. Khameer Bread enhance the taste and for side munching you have Chips Oman. Kids loved Diyay Tortilla Sandwich. Its Crispy and soft at the same time grilled chicken are infused with Emirati spices and white sauce and on side you get health green salad.

For next main course, I chose Salonat because I've always wanted to try it. This is a hearty meat stew (in this case, chicken), made with vegetables and potatoes and served with White rice & pieces of House-baked Arabic bread, which soften as they soak up the moisture. For kids meanwhile we opted to try Macaronat E Taybeen in simple words Pasta in a modern Arabic fusion way. Chicken, pasta and vegetables all cooked in traditional ‘good fellows’ style. Iit to be very interesting with spiced flavors. In cold beverages they have amazing line-up, for the die-hard Vimto lovers try their Vimtoot. Famous drink syrup blends with red berries smoothie.

Another thick shake choice is Batheeth Shake in its true traditional way along with vanilla and a nice and yummy touch of date syrup swirl on top.

Portions are generous here, so when it came to dessert we decided to share a plate of Pista Cake & Coffee Date Cake. These Emirati-style desserts were sweet without being overwhelmingly sickly, with cardamom and date syrup providing background flavour. There will be special offerings during major events and celebrations such as UAE National Day, Ramadan and Eid.

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