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Nandos at World Trade Center Mall – Zomato Meetup.

We have been invited to another Zomato Meet up fun afternoon with a bunch of foodies, this time at WTC Mall in Nandos. In starters we had their sharing platter of hummus with bread and olives with newly introduced drizzle sauce. It is undoubtedly a great addition to Peri-Peri family of amazing sauces.

In main Course we enjoyed ¼ chicken & Espetada. Latter is a massive stand with a skewer of chicken breast and grilled peppers with butter dripping off. In both dishes the chicken taste was remarkable. it’s juicy & tender, served with macho peas and 3 beans salad. These sides are surely underrated, at this instance we particular got a chance to try them out due to hot taste of chicken and we fell in love. Another main was Cataplana, like Portuguese Nandos have also perfected their Cataplana, which is a rice-and-meat dish served in a hand-made copper dish designed like clamshells. These peri rice with chunky chicken bites were so yummy and hot. Many finds it a bit like a biryani or risotto variation but truly spicy one. They have given it a fresh twist by adding some of their unique Peri-Peri zest and style. On the whole I am glad I got to try the improved version of Cataplana. In fact, I now have got a new addition to my must-recommend dishes to friends & family.

We plan to wash down the heat from spices with a refreshing Lemoncella Fresca a designer drink. It is basically coca cola blended with tangy lemon syrup and fresh mint served over ice and a slice of lemon. It is refreshing and good to tame down hotness. Next comes the Burger. I literally love the mildness of natural spices in Beef Patty, no overdo of heat here and guess what I even dare to try it with extra hot peri-peri. Go try it now & take challenge at your nearest nandos in UAE and do something nando this season

Life and of course any meal specially at Zomato meetups session are incomplete without desserts. That gorgeous chocolate peanut butter stack with rice crispies cracklings & rich peanut butter was to die for. I loved the pat balance of salt caramel and sugar in it. There was also a carrot cake, extraordinarily delicious with moist texture and crunchy bites of walnuts. This closure was so detectable.

All in all our visit was pleasant. Special thanks to Rayaan from Zomato and Keytaki from Nandos and her Nandos family or people behind all the hard work and great service are the ones define quality. All the staff and servers have this smile on their faces. They need big time appreciation and what a lovely team spirit work we experienced at the venue. Food was indeed upgraded. I would actually recommend this as a great dining delight that can be shared amongst family and friends. especially when mixed with the best-selling Espetada with some fresh twists by adding some of their unique Peri-Peri zest and style.

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