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Palmer’s Lip Balms – Moisturizing, supple and sun protected.


My sister and I have a long and memorable antiquity when it comes to lip balms.  It reaches back to the time when as a youthful and inquisitive secondary schooler I would sneak into my amma’s purse to conquer at her old and glamorous chapstick. Hence lip balms go a long way for me when it comes to keeping my lips well moisturized. It is also the very first herbal based (honey enriched) skin care item gifted by my mother (fondly known as Amma) in high school. She always used to mention “You are too young, no need for makeup or bright lipstick just wear your smile, like your accessory, and you don’t need anything else.”


I interpreted from above lines “…. And what makes your smile all the more gorgeous are those well moisturized pink lips. The reason why me and my sister lust for lip balms till date.! Today I would be reviewing the one that caught my eye since its cute arrival to my doorstep to try out as a brand ambassador of Palmer’s.


I have posted some photos (for my followers on Insta stories earlier this week) of Palmer’s new lip care products (Did you see them? they’re adorable!).  While I was compiling my summer essentials kit already, these goodies came just right in time, I love the fact how Palmer’s entire range is starting to become more widely available in Middle east, and users not only know them for stretch marks creams but for lip balms, men creams & other products too.


I received 3 of them in a beautiful kit, Original, Chocolate & mint and Chocolate & cherry flavors.



What makes these Lip balms different?

  • Unfortunately, while we can get thousands of lip balms which claim to be a specialist when it comes to moisturizing your lips, there are very few which protect your lips from harmful sun rays too! Palmer’s ultra moisturizing lip balms are Moisturizing, supple and sun protected.
  • They are tinted with best possible sheer. Since sun rays are not only harmful to our body but also for lips we need lip balms which are packed with good SPF!
  • Simply put, there are far fewer lip balms which are packed with good SPF! – A must! especially during UAE summers. When harmful rays are bombarding your entire body, just keeping your lips moisturized isn’t enough. You need SPF protection! That is one reason I always recommend Palmer’s lip balms as they are packed with SPF.
  • The texture, this is a slicker, thinner lip balm. It’s not heavy or waxy, and it does feel a tiny bit greasy on the lips.



The lip balm base smell is their trademark cocoa butter but with hues of other flavor added. You get to smell chocolate, cherry & Mint. There is definitely some color to cherry one, but it’s sheer. On my medium-pigmented lips, it takes about four swipes before I see a flush of color. It’s subtle but yet visible, and I’ve actually been very pleased with how it makes my lips look on no-makeup or low-makeup days, which is nice.

I carried it around in my purse this weekend, and I found myself reaching for it a lot, wearing this product all day, my lips felt very smooth and hydrated by the end of the day. I’m guessing that’s the cocoa butter working its magic (my skin tends to love cocoa butter, it been 4 months I am reviewing products rich in that.). The good thing is sheer as it does a decent job of moisturizing your lips without appearing glossy.





If you like the flavor and don’t go big on color, I think you will like this lip balm. It really does smell and taste like a Cherry & Choco mint, which is quite fun. I can tell you that my lips feel quite soft and hydrated by the end of the day, which is an added bonus. It’s good because it contains SPF 15 &Vitamin E & has no glossy look. Because of the thinner consistency, I didn’t expect much-lasting hydration. I am yet to find if it works well on dry lips too especially my daughter’s as she is prone to eczema.

Hence it does the job of moisturizing, but it goes fast, I reapplied twice throughout the day. Again, it might be just me, but the first application did give little tingling sensation. But I love the way how it glides over the lips like butter, and it just feels divinely moist.

I can’t stop raving about this lip balm. For people like me who don’t mind applying lip balm every few hours these products win, “hands down” with the smoothest texture and long-lasting effect. I put it on before bed, and my lips felt greased in the morning. But I was not similarly infatuated with all three. The cherry chocolate flavor has a bit strong smell for me. I was previously in love with another drugstore lip balm but found palmer’s slightly above average compared to that. It is also doing the job better than other of same price range.