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Pizza Express brand new menu Launch

jazzpizzaexpress-2We were invited to an exclusive Chef’s table at World Trade Centre, Abu Dhabi this month. I loved this place and had a wonderful time with my family here last time (READ ABOUT MY PAST EXPERIENCE HERE) We also tasted some dishes from their brand new menu. How can we miss mentioning the most excellent experience trying our hands at flaring dough (believe me their dough is the secret behind those mouthwatering pizzas) and learning to make pizza under the guidance of their expert Pizzaiolos. We loved the lively atmosphere with music, the whole set-up and cherry on the top was our winning of the day. Yes!! Mahiblog created pizza & won the prize too.

New Menu Rundown:




  • Crab Flatbread:

There can’t be any better twist to Pizza Express perfect dough. They use it in the best way to create these crunchy yet vert refreshing nibbles or bites. With crab meat, diced cucumber and crème with dill dressing these crispy triangular nibbles will blow you away! We loved the beginning.

  • Spicy Chicken Wings:

They are surely different than classic honey glazed wings, with rather more of aromatic yet spicy sticky coating. Since you won’t find this dish in typical Italian eatery, you would be surprised to see it on your table. However, the spicy chili oil, garlic and basil and rosemary notes will blend this one well into the Italian family on Chef’s table.


Main Courses:

  • Superboost Salad:

Surprised to see it in mains list so did we, but once on the table this one literally satisfied our hungry belly with large & grand portion and super food nutrition’s value. Rich in food wealth from both the worlds (Vegan & Poultry) this has chicken, roasted mixed peppers, red quinoa, wild rockets (Extremely fresh), chickpeas, lentil sprouts, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, pomegranate seeds and the secret ingredient ( Pizza Express famous house dressing). This salad is a complete meal with all those crunchy, earthy, chewy and filling elements. Recommended.

  • Hawaiian “PizzaExpress” Pizza:




Name tag says it loud out that they are customizing this one. However, it’s not the famous regular Pizza with the similar name of another popular pizza brand.  Being not a big fan of fruits fusion with meaty fillings I wasn’t expecting a lot from this one. But yet they bring another twist element here by bringing the mushy base using veal bacon and pineapple chutney with béchamel. It was unique and red onion gave it a brilliant lift. To keep it with Italian core they finish it with Mozzarella & parmesan along with parsley and garlic oil.

  • jazzpizzaexpress-5Spaghetti Gamberoni Piccante:

Linguini look-alike but this dish has spicy cream sauce. With king prawns (which I found a bit less in quantity) this might interest seafood lover, though there is pizza with the same base as a better option. Broccoli, red chili, and garlic added the essence in flavor to make it likable.


  • Passion Fruit Mousse:

More of a regular flavored mousse served with whipped cream, biscotti, and passion fruit sauce. It didn’t impress me a lot as I was still looking for that unique element in dessert hence had really high expectation from this place as I love their desserts.


jazzpizzaexpress-8   jazzpizzaexpress-7

  • Chocolate Torte Sundae:

Evening highlight I must say, yes I was spell bound to dig into this glass jar filled with wonders. Chunks of chocolate torte served with vanilla gelato make it more desirable. The drizzled caramel sauce and the crushed pistachio nuts were adding colors to this perfect marriage of vanilla and chocolate. I wish to have some extra caramel sauce on side too next time;

jazzpizzaexpress-3681   jazzpizzaexpress-3672

We rate the new menu at Pizza Express 3.5/5, in fact, we can add 0.5 to the lovely experience we had over Jazz, so 4 overall. Great ambiance, good food, and apt service made our experience memorable. My dear readers, you must try the new menu, you won’t be disappointed at all. That’s a foodie’s promise.

Jazz@PizzaExpress & SevenMedia Thanks for inviting us to be amongst the first few influencers and bloggers to taste from Chef’s table.

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