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  • Ibtisama ‘a smile’ in Arabic is the window to your soul.

    It’s a beauty spa in Abu Dhabi, and it’s unique because it’s dedicated to your smile. IBTISAMA Beauty Lounge, in a saturated UAE market full of salons and centers caring for hair, skin, and nail, this entity has decided to become your smile partner with the launch ...

  • Detox Hair Days with Rahua

    Detox Hair Days  

    ** ..Because Detoxing isn’t just for the body.  Celebrity favourite luxury hair care range available at Harvey Nichols – Dubai, Bloomingdales and House of Fraser **

    January is most commonly known as the Detox month. The time of the year when we make New Year’s Resolutions and aim to start the year in ...

  • Festive Creations at Bloomsbury – Christmas Treats


    Christmas is almost here, and so is Bloomsbury’s amazing #treats.This season also boutique café and Artisan Bakery Bloomsbury is offering Festive Creations and Christmas cakes to add to your merriment & celebrations.