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Promising Burger Kitchen in Abu Dhabi, Almaqta’a Area making a splash

Burger Kitchen opened their gates not so long time ago, promising to add to the already growing trend of quality burgers that has been swarming UAE in recent years. MR. K and I gave them a try last week. It is not without its flaws, but it’s clear that something special is going on. Upon arrival, we were quickly seated by the in charge supervisor and handed a menu card which is short, concise and to the point.



The menu is divided among Hotdogs, Burgers, Shrimps & sides. We started our food run-down with Dynamite shrimps. It was generous in serving and is really tasty and crisp.  The star of the kitchen is the burger itself. I love the touch of their Secret Sauce glaze on the Angus Beef patty in their burgers. Let’s dice it through following Mahiblog rating standards:


Seasoning: It is so consummate as the chefs were showing great skill and flair in preparing the same. We see them preparing the items to live, and the kitchen smelled divine.


Sear: It was a crusty and a competent sear from a properly hot gas grill. Very much to my satisfying level




Preparation: The burgers were competently cooked to the requested well-done. The bite was firm but tender enough not to be considered chewy, and the sauces were literally dripping out of the butter buns, cheesy messy burger fun!



Cheese & Bun:  Cheese was perfectly melted, runny and gooey. Their soft butter buns were saving hero to this ultimate burger taste. As it was neutral in taste. Not crispy but still has a nice texture to the bite. The Meat to Bun Ratio was fine.



Toppings: The shredded Iceberg lettuce was ok no wilted signs. The tomato slice was hearty and refreshingly, the secret sauce had an addictive flavor and melted cheese plus mushroom were finely chosen too.



Sides: Onion Rings are worth trying in ‘sides’ in just 10 dhs. Special fries with secret sauce and not so unusual, Pricey for its portion. I rather liked their twisted potato and curly fries with good color over it which were perfectly crisp. The pickles did ooze an unpleasant drizzle of oil onto the plate.



The size: In burgers, portion size is not huge, but it looks appetizing. We tried 4 varieties Chicken (spicy), Beef, Mushroom & Molten Cheese. Each one of them really tasted so good; I didn’t find them dry at all. Butter buns literally worked their magic, but you have to make sure to consume them as fresh as you can.  I was only disappointed with huge price difference in single to Triple options in a burger.



Value for Money: Hot Dog was scrumptious with generous filling and such an apt price and portion. It is a tad bit pricey for burgers though but a true treat for burger lover. Mushroom & Molten Cheese Burger defiantly worth paying this price for the quality and taste you get. I would score them full if they work on the portion size in a better way.





In sum, Burger Kitchen in our opinion possesses potential. It is the most ambitious restaurant with energetic staff to open in the Capital. It’s quickly aiming to positioned itself on top, if the owners guide this restaurant further to its considerable potential, watch out for its boom as it will hit 5/5


Burger Kitchen

Near Oasis Car Wash, Abu Dhabi – Al Ain Road, Al Maqtaa, Abu Dhabi

02 3048395

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