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Recall: Elemis Skincare Haul and Review

Those who are following me since my WP blog can relate to my addiction with this brand especially when it come to home spa range or other hands-on & marine ideology! They are the high raise flag bearer for same in skin care industry. Yes, I am talking about none other than Elemis. My fav beauty & PR team at @elemismiddleeast had decided to treat me big this women-oriented week. Hope you all saw my Unboxing video last week as it received a lot of positive feedback.


Products details & review below:
  • Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow, Shower Cream & Body Oil


You can Treat your skin to the Wonders of Frangipani Collection from Elemis combining five of the brand’s nourishing formulas; the kit works in tandem to cleanse, soften and revitalize, whilst infusing skin with a unique blend of Frangipani and Tahitian Coconut Oil. I have received their Exotic Retreat Bath Salts, Sharp Shower and Bath Gel & super nourishing Body Oil and loved all 3 of them.


The mineral rich salts and Hibiscus cleanse and exfoliate, while an infusion of exotic Tahitian Monoi oil and Frangipani flowers seal in moisture. It is easy to use and is not harsh rather leaves you skin beautifully soft and nourished. My home pampering has gone a notch up with this product. I love it as the application is simple too just apply with gentle circular motions to damp skin in bath or shower and it will remove dead skin cells. I use it weekly as advised. Plus I loved the new look and packaging.



You can Create your exotic oasis every day while leaving your skin soft, hydrated, and delicately scented with this two-piece from Frangipani Monoi set from Elemis.This is my post-scrub ritual after using salt glow from the same range. In the shower, squeeze a small amount of Frangipani Monoi Shower Cream into wet palms, massage over the body, and rinse off. For a luxurious bathing experience, smooth over damp skin and immerse yourself in the sensual aroma. I finish it off with Frangipani Monoi Body Oil, which is quickly absorbed to provide moisturization for the skin.





  • Quiet Mind Temple Balm & Room Mist

This soothing temple balm contains a powerful blend of essential oils to help promote harmony, tranquility, and relaxation. I simply Rub onto my fingertips and massage into back of neck, earlobes, and temples to achieve the calmness. This range is a part of the Elemis Spa Home Body Soothing range is about slowing down the pace at the end of the day, taking the time to nourish the body and de-stress the mind. Relaxation is key. I also love the strong notes from Ho Wood, Lemon and Organic Indian Menthol in temple balm.

I appreciate the inclusion os Room mist in my box too as The aromatic oils in this soothing room mist will infuse serenity and peace into space around me. Patchouli, eucalyptus, and ho wood oils blend effortlessly together to help soothe and comfort my mind, whilst promoting a sound and restful sleep, I spray it onto my pillow sometimes and Viola!




  • Balancing Lime Blossom Cleanser & Lavender Toner

When I think of Elemis, I instantly think of luxurious skincare. Elemis Balancing Lime Blossom Cleanser came in a handy dispenser and removed easily with cotton wool. It is formulated to balance the skin’s PH and aimed therefore at those with combination type skin. I have combination, dehydrated cheeks with an oilier T-zone and am also prone to the odd breakout which this cleanser targets. After a couple of days, I started getting clear skin and faded breakouts impact. This cleanser just calms down the redness of my skin due to harsh UAE weather, and it gave me relief to see much calmer skin.




I use this toner after applying the cleanser to close back up the pores that the cleanser open, It locks all the moisture so that dirt doesn’t get into the skin. I love the smell of this toner compare to the apricot toner I was using before(which gave my strong tingling sensation, and I had to stop using as my skin gets itchy) This one is the perfect Balancing toner which I only need 2-3 sprays of it, and I am done!




  • Pro-Collagen Marine mini tube & Oxygenating Night Cream

Elemis’ Pro-Collagen Marine Cream is best-selling and multi-award winning day cream. I heard about it from a fabulous morning two year back I attended at Westin Abu Dhabi. It was an educational journey reflecting the science and essence of the British skincare and ELEMIS where the expert, flying in from the UK, was there to talk us through all things ELEMIS in the Middle East. That is where I heard the word “marine” first time in skin care, and I was sold. I wanted one. Unfortunately, at that time I was not in touch with a gorgeous team of Elemis, and now after receiving this magical potion in my goodies, I was thrilled. There is a very fresh and clean scent in the product. It gives my facial skin hydration and keeping my skin well moisturized.

Those who are following me since my WP blog can relate to my addiction with this brand especially when it come to #homespa range or other hands-on & marine ideology! they are the high-raise, flag bearer for it's own class in #skincare industry. Yes I am talking about none other than @ElemisLtd My fav beauty & PR team at @elemismiddleeast had decided to treat me big last week. Here is my #unboxing video of skin care haul. If I don't make you tempted enough with this haul wait till you read my detailed review on products soon on ➡️ 📍 . . . Products details below⬇️ 🔹Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow 🔹Frangipani Monoi Shower Cream 🔹Frangipani Monoi Body Oil 🔹Balancing Lime Blossom Cleanser 🔹Balancing Lavender Toner 🔹Pro Collage Marine Cream 🔹Pro Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm 🔹Pro Collagen Oxygenating night cream 🔹Papaya Peel Enzyme . 🔹Quiet Mind Temple Balm 🔹Quiet Mind Room Mist ❤️ ・・・・・・ 🙌 Brand Fact: Did you guys know that Elemis is a cruelty free brand❗️ They don't test on animals & the most of their products are vegan! 👍🏼🌱💦⚖️ 📍 📍 #elemiseveryday #elemisspa #elemisproducts #frangipani #elemisaddict #elemisspa #sea #marine #collagenhomecare #gift #Elemis #Skincare #ProCollagen #Beauty #makeup #makeuplover #makeupartist #makeupaddict #makeupjunkie #makeupcollection #dubaipr #makeupblogger #makeupblog @tishtashtalks #beautyblog #bblogger #blogger #uaeblogger #dubaiblogger @glamboxme @mahiblog @havasprme @tishtashtalks

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Developed with the revolutionary Padina Pavonica, the luxury, moisture rich ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream is clinically proving, to help increase oxygen levels in the skin and assist the skin’s natural regeneration process. This night cream absorbs easily, is non-irritating, has a light fragrance. I love the color and lightness of the pot packaging. Though expensive amongst other available night creams in the market but I Loved the results. It did not give any problem to my sensitive skin and was a good moisturizer for the winters.

  • Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm & Papaya Peel Enzyme Minis


The formula starts off with a multi-vitamin complex to nourish and fortify your skin and protect against moisture loss.  The other primarily mentioned actives are Purple Orchid, Acai & glycerin. I  use Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm in the morning under makeup or at night as a mask. Its effective and gave this perfect sheer of an anti-dryness layer on my face.


A little similar baby tube like an illuminating balm is his unique, non-granular Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel exfoliating cream. It has 7 active ingredients to repair and protect your skin. Perfect for sensitive or mature complexions, this smooth cream peel gently exfoliates without abrasion. Leave for 15- 20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water to reveal a brighter complexion. I use it occasionally, as I didn’t find much of its usage other than giving the glow to super tired skin.


All in all, I love the products sent to me via Elemis. Big thanks to the team always being so caring to their patrons. Elemis pamper me immensely in the past. I am looking forward to trying some great products in future. As my empties are cheer soaring Elemis brand name loud out.


By the way, did you guys know that Elemis Ltd are a cruelty-free brand!? They don’t test on animals & the majority of their products are exceptionally vegan! I felt the packing was nice and high-end. It’s me all-time favorite skincare products. Stay tuned for more review from the brand’s Procollagen Hydra boost range. Hydra is my thing these days.

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