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Recap ! Carnival by Tresind – Season I (Preview of Summer Menu)

As my below post in been lost on my previous blog here’s a recap of what we experienced on Season I at Carnival before taking you through the new Season II. (It will be posted tomorrow)


Carnival by Tresind has opened its doors at DIFC Dubai We surely need no convincing after our visits to @tresinddubai to experience this talk-of-the-town post-modern Indian cuisine house @carnival. We felt thrilled after receiving a media invite to try out a set menu. Interior is striking, in fact, will take you down the memory lane. It is like entering into a colorful fantasy world. Dimly lit it walking alley but sufficient on tables. With golden trees branches till umbrellas on a wall, every element reflects Carnival vibes. The Carnival set menu has a vegetarian and non-veg version. We were hosted by a very fervent team. Their staff members are quite well-versed with the menu offerings. It’s the 15-course NonVegetarian tasting menu let me take you through all of them.



Happy Halloween:  This is essentially a mini Kulcha (a Punjabi flatbread) that has been stuffed with a sweet pumpkin mash. The decor on the plate is more elaborate than the dish itself.



Makhan Phal: Dish comes with an edible flower, with name refers to word ‘Avocado’ in Hindi. We were suggested to pop the entire serving into the mouth in one go. This porous-looking cube is a lusciously smooth & sweet as a whole Cacao Butter Hive and is topped with a dash of avocado and lime cream. It was indeed melting like butter in the mouth, Yummy!



La Tomatina Beverage Soup:  This is @carnivalbytresind take on tomato shorba. This cold broth essence is light and refreshing with tomato aroma and taste. It is served with cheese and tomato breadstick (that edible bottle stopper).. told ya nothing here will be short of tricks, welcome to Carnival! It is iced soup served in a bottle.



Life is Short Eat Dessert First: In my opinion, a dessert depicting the entire Verve journey! Guess what it’s carnival, so it’s full of surprises this isn’t really a dessert, but a chaat. Here the traditional description of the traditional chaat items was recreated with crispy fried batter in jalebi style was placed over a bed of yogurt cream. Delightful and Unique. When these knocked the table, kids finished my share too! Generous staff fetched another serving out of courtesy.



Indian Fried Chicken:  You will be amused and remained awestruck throughout the dinner as exciting items will keep coming. This was the spicy ball of minced chicken, coated in savory ‘boondi’ to make it resemble India’s favorite Boondi Ladoo. It was garnish with waraq (chandi & sona) i-e gold & silver edible paper.



Malai Baraf: My favorite perfect cleanser anywhere, and the most good looking item from the entire round up. This mini parfait features litchi granita, raspberry rosewater and fresh cream that has been made in-house. Served in edible iced parfait miniature glasses, this sweet treat is delectably tangy and fruity.




Pullinji: This a serving of fleshy, succulent prawn that has been glazed with Indian spices and the heat of ginger along with gentle, sweet taste. Absolutely delectable.



See Food: Deliberately spelled wrong This dainty scallop dish is Served in a platter that resembles a shell, it features two pieces of beautifully cooked scallop topped with Japanese Rashi. To add to its oomph factor, the Assam Tea Dashi is poured onto the scallops on the table itself. The broth had a divinely robust hit of Dashi (Japanese seaweed). Light, flavorful and beautifully presented might not be a favorite for all but definitely a seafood lover’s delight.



Utterly Butterly: Rightly named after the tagline of an iconic Indian brand, (I also use to keenly observe this ad) this main-course uses the same ‘utterly butterly delicious’ Amul butter. It comes to you on a beautiful black platter, consisting of a spicy cheese toast that and cut slices of deliciously succulent Wagyu beef cooked an ideal medium-rare. You can see that perfect times meat color.



Orangee: This orange and Kashmiri Popsicle will literally engage you for good 4-5 minutes when you actually travel back to your childhood enjoying this ‘Oranjee’. It’s well presented in white hand depicting story behind this menu item too.



Mutton Dressed as Lamb:  This main-course combines multiple dishes elements It is essentially a mutton chop look also has a Galaouti kebab style, and is served with rich, meaty Nihari type gravy. A Truly regal way of presenting an unusual gravy style dish with fresh bread aside.




Dal Phulka: The quintessential Indian dal (yellow lentil soup) gets an Italian makeover. Served to resemble a cappuccino, it is tempered with truffle ghee and finished off with sprinkles of cumin cacao. And Crunchy and crisp phulka depict a ‘cookie’ on the side.



The first sweet treat to hit our table was Go Bananas. Banoffee pie had a South Indian makeover at Carnival when it was served on banana leaves, this dessert platter includes a cardamom Caramelized Banana, a toffee flavored pannacotta and a scoop of banoffi ice-cream. Try scooping all three together in one bite. It was super delicious.



The Betels: Don’t get too dizzy on a wheel taking another ride! Sounds playful yeah. Of course, as we are in @carnival so let’s have some street fun, You must try this exclusive, colorful and flavored version of Paan (betel leaves) in disguise of Macaroon.



Kappi:  This white chocolate casing is filling with liquid coffee espresso that oozes out as soon as you pop it into the mouth. The coffee was too strong for me. Hence I went for caramelized lotus seeds served on the side.



Just when we thought we were winding up, an entire house makes its way to our table! This doll-house has been built to resemble the traditional Parsi houses of Mumbai, and in it, we find cute little ice-cream sandwich miniatures. These treats have been inspired by Bombay’s famous K Rustom ice-cream sandwiches, and this dessert is therefore named Rustom.



The very talented Sherine John at Carnival has pampered us with amazing creations and left us spellbound with his amazing mocktail creations.


Passionfruit and Kala Khatta Sips: These crazy coolers and mocktails at @carnivalbtrresind are must try! With feel good vibe and lively decor these scrumptious and creative elements inevitably make this place in our top restaurant list in Dubai.

Crazy Frog: Crazy Frog – whacky name and funky concept, you sip through the glass jar which is place right over the frog’s brain.This lavender lemonade with lemon grass concoctions has a light and refreshing taste.

Scary Friend:  W O W Element! Another artistically decorated item with a feel-good vibe at whimsical wonderland @carnivalbytresind. A lit pumpkin is placed at the corner of our table to create the ambiance and theme of Halloween. Later joined in by a ‘Scary Friend’ – this honey and apple refreshing potion were served in a skull-faced china mug, garnished with kumquat and berries. You will be mesmerized when that funny face ball lit up red & blue.. as soon as you hit on with the honey dipper. Kids literally enjoyed this presentation.




VADA PAO – Oh we love these quirky live display of #streetfood. It represents the story of this popular mill workers food which is well presented by chefs in the helmet, coming to your table with big metal lunch box loaded with ingredients inside. I love the way how one connects to the concept and create new stories.

For us, It’s like riding a Carousel in the carnival, getting down, take a pitstop for food stalls!



It’s C R E A T I V E ! You surely stay busy playing around the elements throughout your meal, basically what carnival is all about! Overall, the venue was in surging with many pleasant surprises. The alluring vibrant ambiance, the culinary vividness and the highly dutiful staff all tick the right boxes. Thanks to entire team of Carnival & Sherine John to pamper us with amazing creations, they went beyond expectations and took the whole concept and story to higher notch this time! Kudos to Chef Himanshu for pushing the boundaries extra mile this time .



Carnival by Tresind

Burj Daman DIFC Dubai.

Call 052 242 4262