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Say Cheese!!

We were cordially invited at Say Cheese event by Sopexa, an International Communication and Marketing Agency, specializing in Food, Drink & Life style. Pleasantly enough it’s a charming day where you get that rare breeze and a nature’s heads up for weather change in Dubai land. The destination was just so perfect and set up was elegant. You  get the best views of downtown and UAE’s iconic Burj Khalifa from here; It’s none other than Sofitel Hotel in downtown.

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The event was all about cheese, or it’s even proper to put it in that way “It was an exclusive event   in honor of European Cheese, an evening to celebrate the diversity and discover the fine nuances of European Cheeses, which is precisely a mythical Food.
As they say cheese reflects a culture and, beyond that, a family and socioeconomic environment that evolves over time.

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Cheesy facts:
An emblem of European culture and gastronomy. It is more than just an institution in Europe, it is a very old heritage: according to research by the University of Bristol, dairy farming dates back to 5200 BC in Poland! Its success at the time was certainly due to the fact that cheese provided population with milk in a non-perishable, easily transportable form!

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Coming back to the evening it’s prodigious to have presence of awarded Best Cheese monger Francois Robin from France. He has created so many styles and brought so much diversity not just to the cheese but also to the event. He performed some cheese skills in front of live audience give them some hand on tips and technique on bringing variations and taste changes to Cheese affair. He seems highly inspired by middle eastern food trends in spite of his first visit and has actually added dates, pistachio and sesame elements to this famous product.
We chatted a while with him and had a quick Q&A about Cheese life story, his visit to UAE and background here is a quick glance to our session:
1- What inspires you for choosing this profession?
I believe my family background as my parents had a farm and I use to spend a lot of time since I was a kid and grown up with that.
2- How much in your opinion required to become a cheese monger?
You could be a cheese monger in over a year however to become a good cheese monger you need at least 5 years and to become best you need at least 10.
3- What about the variety of cheese in European, how is it different from cheese elsewhere?
In France we have around 2000 different cheeses. But you can’t know all of them as the process is so Live that everyday there is some new cheese out there.
4- Which cheese is your favorite?MB-8967
It depends on my mood and season at times I want something strong, if I have hard day I want something creamy it basically directs me the emotion and feelings I am into.
5- Does Cheese relate to moods?
For me yes because my fridge is always stuffed with cheeses and depending on my mood I will go for it.
6- Which is most healthy cheese?
All, they don’t have any harm 😉 (I don’t believe in Cholesterol)
7- Can cheese relate to people from different background?
Yes, for sure as milk is the main reason and ingredient
8- How often do you alter the cheese?
It’s all about trial and hit, But I generally don’t like strawberry with cheese, again it’s my opinion.
9- What in your opinion go with cheese best?
It best with breads.
10- Did you find cheese passionate people here in UAE?
Well this is my first time and yeah I got get response. Hope to visit back again.
We tasted some of the finest Cheese pairing that day. My favorites were:
• Munster and Zaatar powder
• Langres with cardamom with dates paste
• Brillat Savarin with honey and Pistachio
The very next day held another interesting round of cheese with “cheese makes it better” exclusive workshop where we learnt about the subtle cheese profiles, it’s also conducted by Cheese monger Francois Robin.