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Scintillia Skincare Review & Beauty giveaway

Well, I have just stumbled upon a hidden beauty destination Scintillia Beauty Salon recently which is located on Al-Reem Island in Abu Dhabi It is one place I am so excited to tell you about it and regret that why did I not know about this before!

IMG_6465Scintillia and Eminence skincare regimes give long-lasting and in many cases, therapeutic results being organic & Fruit-based products. Scintilla Skincare treatments are perfect for those who have strong beliefs in natural and organic skincare products.  Brand has become renowned for its acne, eczema and brightening and lightning treatments and facials. Scintillia offers wide range of treatments and services ranging from Facials to Body Massages, Oxygen Infusion Treatments to Reiki healing Art. They are also retailers of natural and organic make-up, Essie & Eminence products. In addition to their services, Scintilla has a diversified collection of merchandise, ranging from mineral makeup to acne treatment regimens and aims to provide products that are not readily available in the Middle Eastern market.

The mission of Scintillia is to create and provide healthy, effective skin care services and wellness products designed to improve the skin and holistically enhance health from inside out.

Now that you have a feel for this lovely skincare centre, let me tell you about my own personal experience.


I booked a session with ever smiling and humble Andrea at Scintillia and arrived the day of my appointment with a little anticipation of how it would be. I was a little perplexed as I have had a laser facial treatment 10 days ago. Possessing a very sensitive skin I was so afraid of lasting redness stays on my face for days after facial. Since I had to attend an event that’s the biggest concern I had.  Reaching location was not that stressing experience as it was 2nd time for us. Upon arrival I was greeted and been asked for water and then taken into treatment room.

We sign up for the 60-minute massage and the Pepper facial using Organic Eminence skincare products from Hungary.


First up is the full-body massage and we’re treated with some of the silkiest products with deep skin nourishing qualities and eccentric smell.  Certain massage strokes revive our tired muscles and smooth out all tightness, especially in our shoulders and neck. A relaxing massage along with a bit of stretch, I literally love it and seemed to be whisked away to another world.


I’ve been hearing about Eminence all of Hollywood are obsessed with this organic skincare brand from Hungary, and celebrities like Jessica Biel swear by their treatments. My therapist was Ipit Supriyati. She mentioned it would boost collagen, help wrinkles, clear clogged. I constantly feel cold or hot, and felt that tingly sensation on my skin because of the paprika, however the cooling masks, and change of the hot and cold towels was alternatively done to regulate the flow.

d6f6d96b72505fdf61171200eafe58c2It begins with a cleansing session using a herbal eye make-up remover and a firming skin cleanser followed by Citrus exfoliating wash & Wild plum tonique to cleanse and tone face and neck. Then comes the lengthy part. This facial involved 3 Masque applying level.

Masque 1:

Paprika herbal treatment +AHA fruit pulp treatment was applied alternatively and scalp massage was given. Then it was neutralized thoroughly with soothing chamomile tonique. This process helped in mega stimulation, oxygenation, blood circulation and killing bacteria.

Masque 2:

Therapist applied Menthol rosehip treatment + Stone Crop Masque for cooling, neutralizing & calming

Masque 3:

Last but surely not the least was Citrus & Kale Potent C+E masque. While the 3rd masque was doing its magic, we enjoyed a relaxing hand massage with stone crop body lotion and Citron age defying massage soufflé. Meanwhile creams, sunscreen and an eye gel were doing their work.

 IMG_6467 IMG_6477

 ecb075eb6a89367bb8abace103bee8e1 IMG_6466

In the end following finishing products were used for effective results:

  • Wild Plum Tonique
  • Citrus & Kale Potent C + E serum
  • Wild plum eye cream
  • Sugar plum oil free revitalization

8fde8d1a0cc308e0838568cbd29273c3Therapist was very knowledgeable, knowing about every cream lotion and serum she’s using. Each process step was thoroughly explained, ensuring great understanding of my skin type.


This treatment really helped me to even reduce the appearance of pigmentation and reducing the redness. I experience much brighter and more radiant appearance in my skin tone. Overall, we’re impressed, our treatment was HEAVENLY! Not many spas can boast so much expertise so soon after opening with in the same year.

A slight inconvenience is e a walk away for bathroom bit off site after exiting the salon. Parking is not ample.

Both of the treatments took approximately 2.5 hours for me. It was an intense pampering session which I literally enjoyed. Here is your chance to experience it for yourself. Well there you go I will provide 1 lucky reader a chance to relax and rejuvenate and WIN a #giveaway for a special Facial & Full body massage.

Thanks for reading Keep Glowing!

For more information on Scintillia skincare and Salon call on +971506976111


Scintillia Skincare have generously offered a giveaway voucher for the same treatment I had experienced at the salon i-e a relaxing Full Body massage and a Facial treatment for one lucky Mahi Blog reader.

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