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Spain Zest with UAE Aura – PnC by Sergi Arola

It is the first venture in the Middle East of Spaniard’s Chef Sergi Arola. He can’t choose better spot than precise on the picturesque edge of the iconic five star Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri.  Chef Sergi, a recipient of two Michelin stars, entwine his signature Spanish enchantment impeccably with the beauty of the Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi. He is at the helm and creating Tapas with a twist. It’s indeed a new hot spot for nightcaps and some serious fine dining.


Music playing at the restaurant was– Latin jazz –something the Chef Sergi is even keen about. Yes, you heard it right P&C by Sergi Arola also house a radio station that will broadcast live jazz from the restaurant 24 hours a day. Guests can taste his new approaches to usual paella, patatas bravas, seafood delicacies and sweet delights while enjoying stunning views and an atmosphere with a mood set by the tunes of Jazz Arabia. A blend of Latin, Arabic and popular jazz tunes from around the world is played live and exclusively inside p&c by Sergi Arola for guests to enjoy. We met a pretty DJ over our visit too.


Restaurant has some excellent and worth seeing views. There are an indoor and outdoor seating areas. Everything we sampled was divine.  Stellar view of the illuminated Grand Mosque just across the break water.


Modern takes on classic tapas dishes

Chef Arola who is so committed to food, and definitely has taken his latest venture with the concept of tapas and made it his own to create an exquisite dining and lounging destination to Capital. We had the most incredible range of skillfully crafted items on our table. We dint opt for any alcoholic drinks however the mocktails been specially prepared were so native to the dining experience at the restaurant. The menu offers savory, spicy, sweet and dry flavors and much more to its blend. Being seated on a round table for 5 itself was very connected setting in itself along with Sergi himself, the ever so smiling and efficient Shangrila Director of Communication Melissa Jarvinen, me and Kaby tried various tapas and we were all blown away by the eminence of the ingredients.

Food in certainly not inexpensive however the panorama & scenery you get to see is grand and the food is on an added level. Taking all this into account price is actually reasonable. It was love at first sight. P&C is not only food; it is food, music and fun. P&C is the perfect place to offer new concept: tapas and jazz. They have taken such sophisticated food and linked it to sophisticated music, and you’d be surprised at the synergy when you match the right food with the right music, with the right location. It’s magic!

" Food should be celebrated and enjoyed with smiling faces around a table – that is what I do and that is what it is all about. " - As Sergi Said.

Whether you want to sample bite-sized morsels from the mountains, taste treasures from the sea or enjoy unusual cocktails made from ingredients, such as berries, herbs and grapes, come relax in the stylish black décor of the dining room or the cool, crisp white of the upstairs bar and get ready to enjoy an authentic experience that is worthy of Michelin stars. I highly recommend it! Staff is well trained, I liked the interior decoration in the restaurant, it is very exclusive and imperial but not showy and I was so auspiciously in awe to see no pallid or colorless tablecloths! 🙂

We enjoyed dishes like Arola’s famous Patatas Bravas (cubes of potatoes with aioli), his version of tortilla Patatas (Spanish Omelette), smoked salmon with caviar, and others. We also tasted squid ink, which I tried first time and found so intense but Kaby has finished it with no complaints and actually loved it. Chef’s carrying out the whole menu was fine and everything arrived flawlessly cooked. The food has literally changed since Sergi Arola took over. It was always good here, but I think it's excellent now.

Sitting with Sergi, itself is so inspirational. He is creative, a musician, a father and a superb Chef, he draws his energy from almost every element around and everywhere. His style evolves because of these inspirations. He is man of multi talents his life, passions, secrets even troubles all bring a new wave of creativity and sensitivity to the table. He has so much positive vibes and a very open way to see the world and simply cooks to satisfy the taste buds of his guests.


Where: Shangri-La Hotel entrance or Villas entrance

Contact: +9712 509 8777 or

Dress Code Smart Casual

Smoking Policy p&c by Sergi Arola accommodates both smoking and non-smoking guests.


Do you use music to inspire your cooking…do you cook to music? 

No. I like so many different styles of music. Latin, Jazz, rock, pop, soul and blues. Very few which I don’t like. I am extremely eclectic. As I wanted to become a musician hence work in a restaurant and started off cooking to collect some money to pay for my guitar.

How much drawn in you are with happenings at P&C by Sergi Arola?

I am much involved, from training the team, staff to menu variation as it comes from me. I don’t just lend my name to a restaurant and go, it’s no adventure. Each restaurant is my tot, I am so connected and it derive from me so is its culture and inspiration. The menu, the culture, it all comes from me. I want diners to have a familiarity that engage all their wits at PnC.

How often do you visit P&C? 

Well, nothing is fixed or restricted, it entirely based on how essential it is to visit and on what occasion. I do work with the chefs here in the kitchen too. At the launch there were so many things however it’s much more settled now. But visiting here always please me.

What kind of food can people expect at P&C by Sergi Arola, will it be fun visiting here?

I simply like to mix things up; if it’s not in the kitchen, it’s on the dance floor. With a beam our jazz Chef added, ‘What is the first thing you think of when you think of the Spanish? You think of tapas, vibrant, fun!’ And fun is what P&C is all about. It will be a sharing menu – tapas and variations on paella with different kinds of rice and we are braining more things for menu. The food will be affluent in taste and class. I have taken my favorite dishes from around the globe to create this menu. I love the idea of sharing & tasting from many dishes with many friends that’s why you are here. The main objective is to take pleasure in dining and have great times gelling.

Who inspired your love of food?

My grandfather, is big inspiration to me and started me on my culinary journey. When I was 9 or 10 years old, I would cook with him and this started my interest. I began cooking at home him simple food. I cleaned dishes, chopped, did everything, pretty much. Every day I strive to give my guests the best I can. If a guest leaves one of my restaurants happy, with a smile on their face and a belly full of good food and laughter, I am happy. I want people who are there to enjoy and to share moments, food and conversation with each other.

Does Spanish and Middle Eastern cuisine have any similarity?

Spanish almonds, honey and citrus what I can find as connecting links which still form the base for most of our desserts. Also in today’s date Spanish food is so inclined by the Arabs that it is hard to tell where one cuisine begins and one ends. These 2 cuisines have a symbiotic relationship as both have a strong heritage and enjoy sharing food. They share the concept of mezze (tapas with us), to share small plates amongst family & friends. We love to break bread with our hands. We may be located at different latitudes but surely similar in table practices.

What is your favorite / signature dish?

Many, and signature keep changing for me too, but if I have to choose one then it would be patatas bravas (chunks of white potato, fried and served with tomato sauce or aioli). It’s a traditional quintessential Spanish dish, a taste of home very popular. It is simple, yet a taste explosion in your mouth. You must come in and try it. We also make many seafood standards and sharing dishes with sardines.

Why you chose Abu Dhabi to open this restaurant & how’s the experience so far?

It feels authentic, you really feel the Arab culture & people in this region are curious. I cannot wait to open up their palates and minds with my fun new take on tapas. It has been a very exciting four months. Well it did happen very fast, but the Shangri-La is such a natural fit for me and my brand. I am interested in tradition, substance and culture. I don’t need fashion avenues and big squares; I fell immediately in love with it, when I first came to see the property.

Something about your Chefs team here?

I have Antonio who worked with me for around 4 years in Arola in Barcelona. Andaria is my pastry chef you just tasted this amazing dessert she has created. We all love creating best from our kitchen which you will love and will keep coming to P&C by Sergi Arola. Thanks.

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