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Stars & Stories – Social Networking Event

It was indeed lovely to attend Her Hub socializing and networking event once again after its first launch earlier we covered (Click HERE). This is the second it it’s series. This kind of event helps make your self be better become better support each other, you solve each other’s problem by creative ideas and solutions and better ways of empowering business. It basically helps you nourish yourself being female which is itself a beauty and modesty with in.

Lots of the participants were just there knowing about the event through social media which tells you how strong is the impact over society and how many ladies are involved in the social scene in UAE. It was a night where we met trendy and cool ‪‎Abu Dhabi ladies, and not to forget, we got ourselves goody bags and fun competitions with great prizes and enjoyed the terrace at boa Abu Dhabi in great weather.

Mahi Blog would rate this City Walk featured event "Stars & Stories”, 4/5, being well organized and business worthy event!

It was lovely meeting reps from New Age Clinic and munching on some great nibbles from @silkorholdings @nail-a-holics @primalgym and @mashizanheels

Here are some testimonials from the participants that evening:

Participant Quote:

Rima is wonderful she does a lot of events, she is quite successful, I like that she is promoting women supporting each other which is one of the best things. I know Rima from laloupe and she is lovely.

Participant Quote:

I came after getting to know about the event on Facebook, I am a fashion stylist and came to previous event and had a great social networking and hence I am here again!

Participant Quote:

I am professionally strategic and urban planner however I left the urban corporate world to be more close to lifestyle projects hence this social networking really helps me to stay up to date with the daily trends.

Participant Quote:

I have been in Abu Dhabi for 3 weeks and I wanted to meet like-minded business women and hence I chose to be here at this event and to diversify my social circle and would want to increase more awareness about my interest and profession i-e Zumba.

Participant Quote:

I would love to make connections business and personal. Being in this region I feel we all should have new experiences, to meet people from all boxes of life as everyone has some story and that’s what attracts me to attend Stars and Stories.