Ibtisama ‘a smile’ in Arabic is the window to your soul.

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It’s a beauty spa in Abu Dhabi, and it’s unique because it’s dedicated to your smile. IBTISAMA Beauty Lounge, in a saturated UAE market full of salons and centers caring for hair, skin, and nail, this entity has decided to become your smile partner with the launch of their Architecturally stunning “smile lounge” last year, […]


My Visit to Ibtisama Smile Lounge

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My Visit to Ibtisama Smile Lounge: In search of whiter and brighter teeth smile I ended up exploring Ibtisama. The fine art of smiling, they offer variety of non-Lasik, chemicals free and organic treatment to remove teeth stains to whiten and brighten your teeth and you can smile with confidence.      PROCEDURE: I Visited their […]