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Tasty, fresh and mouth watering – Max Burger

Their outlet in Dalma Mall Abu Dhabi made me eager and inquisitive each time, as to how superior are these proclaimed Swedish Best burgers. I recently happened to visit their branch in Dalma Mall past my grocery shopping from Carrefour, and in all fairness, their burgers are if truth be told, quite impressive!




In case you’re tired of having burgers from your regulars outlets, I would imply all you foodies to bestow this put a try. The food was very tasty and the meat on the burger was just salted and cooked to perfection. Burger buns are too soft especially made for Max from local bread suppliers. These whole grain buns are non-greasy, dry coated with semolina and wheat. Meat quality is incredible resulting in juicy beef burgers with fresh toppings and large slice inside particular Frisco.

The staff is pretty efficient and kind; our order was placed promptly. Food service was pretty quick too. They somehow smartly trick you into upsizing your sides and drinks. The place was very vivid and spotless, and the supervisor and staff were both helpful and took care of hygiene and cleanliness.



Their menu is a bit less extensive, with Grand de luxe, mushrooms to the max, Deli fresh and Xtra Mouthful range. You may also get to choose from Fun meal for those fussy little eaters. Their burgers are low-priced, but food quality is sound and is worth much more.




Their fries were nicely sprinkled with sea salt, and I loved its natural-cut, skin-on version. Onion rings were spectacular, with crispy fried batter on top and deliciously tasted white onion inside. We also ordered a few dipping sauces which were nice, including the green and garlic, my favorite of the lot.




From my review, my stand out options has been the spicy chicken in Grand de luxe and the Frisco (their best selling) from Xtra Mouthful. All their burgers are served as part of a meal which also included fries and a drink. Their prices for individual burger meals vary between 13 and 28. Burgers are very compact and set in size however so tasty that in spite of being packed our taste buds were begging for more. Another best buy was Delifresh Low Carb meal just in 26 Dirham. This burger was served in crispy & crunchy fresh iceberg lettuce and has veggies inside. Their shakes were mind blowing with sufficient chunks of chocolate and strawberry in the respective flavored shakes.




Their burgers are juicy, yummy and out of this world. They happen to be quite environment-friendly (practice sustainability by serving the same in iron trays), and health friendly (since in their meal options you can replace their fries for carrot stick or apple or a salad and soda for milk, juice, coffee or water). The only negative points may be the unavailability of one of my favorite dip and lacking potential side items except for Onion rings.





Without hesitation, I can say that they are making Sweden’s tastiest burgers in UAE. All in all, a brilliant experience, worth every dirham spent and a must visit for all those fast food lovers. You may not feel like going to any other place ever again. The food was very tasty and the meat on the burger was just salted and cooked.



Max Burger – Dalma Mall.
02 5508896
Level 1, Dalma Mall, Mussafah Sanaiya, Abu Dhabi

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