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The Taste of Korea

The Taste of Korea, the Asian-Korean restaurant is located on the penthouse floor of the Eclipse Boutique Suites is the only authentic Korean restaurant in Abu Dhabi. The mouthwatering authentic recipes created by Master Chef Lee are made from only the freshest of ingredients handpicked by him and infused with a myriad of spices specially imported from South Korea. I Loved their level of hospitality and simplicity in food. The ambiance is very calm, clean, modern and well equipped with all necessary at this understated Korean restaurant.



Taste of Korea is excellent value for money too and has a returning string of mostly Korean clientele (we can see many even at the time of our visit), which is always a good sign. Our review kicked off with the table being covered by a platoon of little plates boasting various kinds of kimchi and other spicy pickings. We had our favorites too in the form of chili kimchi which disappeared in no time but was diligently replaced with more, courtesy of the wonderful staff. These guys are cheerful, proud of their nosh, informative and happy to suggest the dishes if you’re new to the game (like us).



On Table Grilling fun:

The traditional Korean style BBQ – which involved our waitress broiling strips of marinated beef short ribs along with some mushrooms and onions at our table. This was not only fun to watch, but the meat was sublime, tender, tasty and hot off the grill. Well those who are contemplating of whether to send the meat to the kitchen to get cooked believe me you are missing out on the real treat as the result of getting it grilled on the table is simply sheer magic!



When ready, we were offered a healthy full of green and other veggies basket and been told to wrap the meat pieces inside lettuce, fresh onions, etc. We treid the same after seasoning with a salt-pepper mix and some spicy sauce. The combination was instantly addictive. We tried both varieties marinated beef ribs and marinated cut beef ribs (tastier this way)



Stir fry mushroom & vegetables with rice was a veg lover dream. Incase you are not a meat lover, you can opt for this dish named as Yangsongi deopbap. Another option for vegetarians can be Ramyun – Korean noodles veg. From their Chef’s special menu we tried TOK Chicken which is also their signature chicken dish with homemade sauce. It was a winner indeed with juicy and tender chicken pieces and dainty sauce. Bokkeumbab – fried rice with chicken, was another highlight of the day in taste though it was a tad bit of oily the taste was very unique and is sufficiently spiced.



Next up was Kalbi Kimchi Jeongol – beef ribs with kimchi hotpot. For those who want to try a very fancy Korean soup with everything in a bowl, this is an ideal dish. It has tremendously generous serving even if you opt for a medium size.



We can also talk with pride in delicious food tasting for the next 2 mention dishes i-e Chili Saewoo – chili shrimps and Jeyuk bokkeum – spicy stir fry beef. Being a Chinese cuisine fan I wanted to try out something of similar grub, and take my words it was nothing short of a scrumptious treat for a food lover.




We also tried their egg hotpot. This is a steaming dish of almost everything i-e rice, steamed veg, mince meat and a cracked egg. The thing is to combine it all together with the chili sauce, salt, and pepper until you have a right big mess and then supper it whole. Gunmandu – fried dumpling & Jajangmyeon – black bean sauce with noodles were my least favorite dishes as they were too sticky somehow.




I Would say that this Korean spread of good looking and well-presented food, as well as enthusiasts of good cooking professional and trained chefs, truly made our experience lovely and the food tasty. It’s likewise a tangible hearty, wholesome cuisine that hits the spot when you’re starving or like me wanting some Korean BBQ beef.  The service team adds to the dining experience, making it a must-visit venue for good Korean food lovers in the Capital. All in all very satisfying.



The Taste of Korea.

The Eclipse Hotel Apartments, Liwa Street, Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi

02 4182413



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