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Trendy New Indian Menu at Kababs & Kurries

We visited Kababs & Kurries at WTC Mall in Abu Dhabi yesterday to review the ‘Trendy New Indian Menu’. We were informed about the existing menu where most of the items in the main dishes remain same while quite a lot of additions introduce in the starters/ appetizers. The well-balanced menu is fitly divided between kebabs and curries and includes a dazzling selection of vegetarian dishes as well as meat and seafood. We liked our previous experience (Read HERE) and were excited to visit again.



Restaurant Supervisor, Mr. Pankaj has introduced us to the New Chef. Talking through the ‘The New Indian menu’ made our mouths water, as the dish descriptions laid by Chef Sandeep was so appealing. Hence we decided to sit just next to a large window which lets us look into the kitchen and the dishes cooked over the glowing embers of the tandoor. While we were admiring the sleek furnishings, high ceilings, and the soft lyrics Indian music played in the background, the server arrived with crunchy papads with yogurt and mint chutney. Presentation for this pre-starter was exclusive then we tried beverages. A refreshing drink we tried Thandai was unique while sweet lassi was not too sweet. (This is good for me in contrast with those who love the high sweetness level in their lassi)



Food Rundown:

From salad and soup selection we tried Mushroom soup that is by far the best I have tried taste wise in the capital city. It’s very subtle and Classic in taste, not the typical dose of the cream over loaded. Perfect seasoning just it was tad bit oily. I wish if they would be baked bread to try it along with this. Next up was a tangy and colorful plus joyfully presented Watermelon and Feta salad presented over a black cart in the giant fruit shell and this amazed us right from the starting. The taste was phenomenal though too less of ingredients. Feta Cheese had an addictive combo with the scooped bite size round balls of watermelon dressed and tossed simply with mint leaves along with lemon and honey vinaigrette.




Melted Bharwan Aloo was pretty colorful and presented in a Shovel Platter. Deliciously seasoned potatoes stuffed with paneer and dry fruits served with tandoori hollandaise sauce. The hint of an egg from the sauce was over empowering and did not let me enjoy the paneer though. I would prefer mine without sauce to taste the true magic, and it’s even suggested for Vegetarians that way.




From London to India was a desi version of Fish & Chips again presented in great style. It Amritsari spiced battered fish served with potato chips and Thecha Mayo. Thecha, the Maharashtrian spices combo (Mumbai style version) was mixed with Mayo to have a very pleasant spicy touch and tasted delectable. Marination was aromatic; the coating was not too thick either. Just slightly more crispness, and it’s ideal to disguise as Fish and chips for picky kids. (Indian style cooked Seafood lovers must try out this space for yummy dishes)




Presentation wise a lot of dishes stand-out but remarkably (in both looks and taste) star of the show was the Charcoal Dahi ke Kabab also known as KnK Black Kababs. They are lightly flavored in hung curd, and coated with secret chef batter and served with mint chutney. The outer crust & black shell was startlingly crispy with the soft white center. They are luscious, and I loved the diverse concept and taste. Pure vegetarian.




Next up were healthy thunder bites of Broccoli Tikka. It was super amazing and the best part, it’s not very heavy on the stomach. It’s prepared in a very light way (Shallow fry in minimum oil I believe) it’s just a simple technique with the combination of broccoli cottage cheese and cumin powder. Another Trendy yet Desi Vegetarian treat.



Shami Kabab look alike appetizer Seared Soy Kabab was another unique & delicious dish with a flair and originality you won’t find elsewhere. It’s vegetarian dish where Soy chunks cooked with Channa Daal and Indian Spices. It was served over cute little round warqi (layered) miniature parathas. Sweet chutney served along was a great combo. The texture was so fluffy and soft that it melts in your mouth in seconds.




Pav Qeema was served in an Army truck display, Buns were well toasted and glazed, and the keema (minced meat) was scrumptious that you couldn’t resist hogging on entire dish alone. Kids also adored the Flying plane presentation of Kentucky style Crispy Fried Chicken Wing. Crunchy crust and well-done wings were amiable to taste palette and appetizing with mint chutney.




In mains, we enjoyed the delightful Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani with Malai Kofta curry. The gravy was rich though strongly fragrant with aroma (which I believe was rose-water or kewra water) Cottage cheese dumplings were soft and not overly excessive in garam masala. It’s topped with a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds. Thyme Naan has newly added to the list of a variety of naans, and it tasted delicious. Chicken Biryani was delicious very rich in taste. Rice quality was superb, and the chicken was not over cooked. Yogurt raita served along with cumin made the flavors explode. In dessert, we tried Gulabo Cheese Cake, its high in sweetness as Gulab Jamun and cheese mixture were both overly sweet though the bottom crust of biscuits saved the day.




All in the entire new menu is delicious with some authentic essence and the trendiest food combinations you must try it as they got some fresh new zest for you. We experienced a culinary Paradise where did not taste the usual kebabs and curries. Overall the presentation of their Trendy New Indian Menu will keep you bound to try. Many surprise factors and healthy twists to the dishes. The new menu is trendy, and the flavors are authentic. In my opinion, it’s a fun Indian meal as it kept us happy and elated with brilliant services and Chef’s interaction.





Kababs and Kurries

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