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My Visit to Ibtisama Smile Lounge

My Visit to Ibtisama Smile Lounge:

In search of whiter and brighter teeth smile I ended up exploring Ibtisama. The fine art of smiling, they offer variety of non-Lasik, chemicals free and organic treatment to remove teeth stains to whiten and brighten your teeth and you can smile with confidence.


  Ibtesama-7522  Ibtesama-7530


I Visited their smart kiosk branch at Dalma Mall, conveniently located on ground floor near Fitness First. After been warmly welcomed by the great team our host Mr. Samir has given us a brief insight about the procedure and staff guided us to this private chamber with pod chair. Sitting station is much comfortable with ease of neck pillow to add to your relaxation during the treatment. Compound is set-up in such a way that you will not be visible to mall goers at all. Therapist has match the whiteness tone on color guide panel to compare before and after results. We were then asked to clean the teeth with sprayed professional teeth whitening strip for few minutes. Next she applied gel on teeth and out the napkin around the neck area. While making me comfortable in chair, she used the clenches to wide open the jaws and applies gel on each tooth properly. Once finish she placed a transparent gum shield mouth gear to keep the jaw line open completely. It was a bit uncomfortable for few seconds only however not painful at all. I was given protective glasses to wears on my eyes before finally she placed an ultra-violet (UV) commonly known as LED light been places in front of our mouth and it shines bright and blue.


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At 15 minutes’ interval I removed the mouth piece, cleanse wipe my mouth and repeat the process for remaining half. Oh by the I did snap my smurfy blue story via snap chat (MahiBlog) throughout and dint realize when did time pass.  At the end I got mouth piece removed and before she even cleans my teeth with tissue I checked on my smile in the mirror placed in front of me on the counter and I loved the results already. My teeth were 3-4 shades whiter and I feel so SMILEY 🙂

I love the fact how they take care of your comfort and hygiene level and keep checking upon you during intervals. I had zero sensitivity during procedure.

Ibtesama-7515WOW Factors:

  • It’s natural & organic range of products with chemical -free process.
  • Ideal for people like me, who are being in rush for any event, it’s so quick, they also have 15 minutes’ express session.
  • If you don’t have time to visit their smile lounge, they can come to you.
  • They have Smile packages for Coffee Lover and Smoker too.
  • Treatment is entirely enamel safe.


Ibtisama has also introduced me to the cosmetic teeth whitening brilliance toothpaste which is first vitamin Enriched smile enhancer. It is indeed my smile partner. It has vitamins A, B and C, and stain removal technology. It also nourishes gums and prevent cavities. It is pretty safe on enamel too. Brilliance toothpaste makes brushing teeth a more enjoyable experience. I just apply pea size onto my tooth brush and brush for 1 to 2 minutes and it’s helping me to maintain the same whiteness even after a week’s time.

Ibtesama-7553  Ibtesama-7546   Ibtesama-7538  Ibtesama-7536

Ibtesama-7535  Ibtesama-7526  Ibtesama-7540

FullSizeRenderVERDICT: They are no cons in treatment at all. It’s fast and easy, in fact I might get hooked to it as the results are so instant. I wish if it can be permanent, however you can pro-long that whiter and brighter smile by further using their products. It’s not overnight magic so remember to maintain your oral hygiene after treatment for continued effect and go for next visit at your convenience time and day. Packages starts from AED 225, which is not a big price as your smile definitely worth million times.


They are located at below venues:

  1. Abu Dhabi Mall – 1st floor opposite Grand Stores
  2. Dalma Mall – Ground Floor near Fitness First


Phone  +971 (2) 555 9272