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Wellclubs – I book my beauty treatment online!

shutterstock_140904733I love shopping online, I am an online junkie in its literal meanings who actually is a die-hard fan for all those crazy deals and amazing perks you get via these online shopping. Who doesn’t love freebies which comes with the packages. This was my way of purchasing the commodities, but I had recently got introduced to this great online concept to answer all my ‘when and where’ questions about health, beauty and wellness. The idea entices me and while I browse through many options were there to choose from, I got introduced to Wellclubs which is a trusted community marketplace to discover the diverse world of beauty and wellness.

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I look into the option to choose from Surgery clinics as that is one area I was concerned for long time for it. My search narrowed down and I finally visited Elyzee Day Surgery Medical Center after booking via wellclubs. Treatment I had to go for was facial and chin area hair removal. Trying to get rid of unwanted hair on the face or body is a common problem. Laser hair reduction offers results that cannot be achieved with conventional shaving or waxing. The laser works by targeting the hair in the follicle, below the skin’s surface, hence I decided with keeping all my fears to give it a try from this new clinic.

The day centre is conveniently located in Abu Dhabi in Al Bateen Area at King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud street. Elyzee Day Surgery Medical Center Brings you the superior integrated cosmetic services performed by certified Doctors using the latest cosmetic innovation in ab environment of style and luxury. Their Treatment been done with the assistant of Candela. The Gentle Laser range by Candela is the safest and the most efficient hair removal technique for all skin types.


Venue is newly built on large area and is well designed and divided into different sections. You will be warmly greeted and welcomed by the staff upon arrival. While waiting through the siting area I quickly browse through their doctors’ panel and found on list all Certified Doctors that are well-versed in the latest cosmetic innovation.03_INT_PatientReg_011

I also had a quick glance onto its interior and dynamic setup and classy structure, you will find it calming and peaceful due to its pleasant lavender and off-white color scheming. Their goal to provide the highest standard of safety and technical expertise to our patients, in an environment of style and luxury, is well reflected in the services and foundation.

I book in for my first laser hair removal session plus consultation and arrived on the appointment day. I have been humbly welcomes and given an information and consent form to fill in which will ask you about all the information of you medial history health and skin type etc.

08_INT_LaserRoom_001A nurse has then taken me to the check-up area to record all my vital signs. Followed from there was my consultation with Dr. Irena Ivanovska Gjosevska . She is a Specialist Dermatologist and deals in areas of Cosmetic Dermatology, laser skin treatments and skin rejuvenation. She got her specialization degree in Dermatology & Venerology from Faculty of Medicine, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University – Skopje, Macedonia in 2008. Dr. Irena has more than 8 years of experience in cosmetic dermatology at private Clinics for Dermatology and Venereology and has extensive clinical experience in laser skin treatments and skin rejuvenation gained from her work in the GCC area.


All in all, my over all 1st experience was great of course Hair removal need multiple session as its not the magic hence I will soon be returning for my next session and meanwhile will also be able to review the difference in the changes of hair growth as well as the result of treatment. Treatment is indeed very smooth and quick; they will use analgesic cream hence you will feel either no pain or very minor like that of tingling effect only. Team at Elyzee Day Surgery Medical Center provided me with safe and non-surgical treatments for concerns and ensured a pleasant and efficient experience.

They offer this amazing mother’s day packages of Radiance with Aed 450 discount, Lift package with 900 AED discount in long lasting – Filler Treatment and the trending glow package with AED 1460 Discount

02_INT_Reception_010At Elyzee they also understand the importance of maintaining beautiful skin no matter what your age, skin tone or gender may be.  That’s why they offer a holistic approach to skin care that includes prevention and maintenance without surgical intervention.  I will soon be telling you all about my results from different sessions as well as the whole process in my next part of review. Stay Tuned !

Special Thanks to wellclub for all the ordination and providing an easy platform to just choose your favorite and preferred spa, salon & centre in one click approach. Thank you to Clinic staff for being so humble and supportive.

Go to their website and book your appointment today

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