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Wendy’s New Menu items Launch

“Laughter is brightest where food is best”

When it come to fast food, I am generally brand loyal especially when it comes to go out to have my typical English breakfast. But guess what now I have one more place to go ! Yes for the early risers in the region, a brand new breakfast menu has launched with a range of four classic sandwiches inspired by places around the world.


In Abudhabi, this breakfast offer is however available at their new branch at Hamdan street only. This is first time I have ever visited this branch and find it quite well maintained and spacious. Another fact which made this branch our next stop for more fun breakfast mornings is the separate kids-flicks viewing area. It has 4 separate screens in a desk station setting. It has kept my kids quite engaged while they finished off their meal being seated their itself and me & hubby enjoyed our brekkie!


Wendys-5967 Wendys-5970

Breakfast Menu  Run down

  1. The American

– Regular bun, American cheese, egg, mayo, ketchup (regular show, least favorite, basic fellow)

  1. The Swiss

– Regular bun, butter, American cheese, Emmental cheese, beef brisket (2 cheese do the wonders)

  1. The English

– Regular bun, smoked turkey, Emmental cheese, Cheddar cheese, sliced tomato, butter  (Our favorite amongst all)

  1. The New Yorker

– Regular bun, hash brown, egg, butter, ketchup (Unique and likable by kids)


These Burgers joined to form a mouth-watering menu to suit all tastes, ensuring you start the day right for only 10 dirhams (any). Additionally, we enjoyed a combo for only AED 15 which includes a sandwich of our choice (out of above 4 choices), coffee, tea or juice and a hash brown on the side. The newly introduced Blueberry Frosty for only 5 bucks is a great option for the warm weather mornings. It was ultimate favorite for my kids. Mild milky taste and generous blueberry compote topping made it favorite for those mini people in my family.


 Dare to Play with Fire

In addition to this Breakfast Wendy’s has launched hot and spicy new addition to its menu. Capital can’t get any more hotter 😉 hotter with the Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich. It’s fiery, spicy, crispy and saucy all at the same time. For the fearless foodies, this new Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich is packed with intense heat and flavor. Available with chicken or beef, the spicy sandwich is served with fresh Diced Jalapeños, Pepper Jack Cheese, Ghost Pepper Sauce in a toasted Red Jalapeño infused bun.


It is pressure fried hence not too oily patty, homemade Ghost pepper sauce will add the oomph factor along with tasted chili infused bun, We love how they went beyond the traditional pattern of round cut jalapeno and added diced way, as it actually make each bite even crunchier. Priced from AED 23 it’s a sandwich not for the faint-hearted, the intense heat from the fresh Diced Jalapeños will set the blood pumping for the ultimate fiery hit. You can enjoy the Jalapeño Fresco with a side of Wendy’s legendary Ghost Pepper Fries (which we cant stop hogging on to) and extinguish the fire with a Frosty for free instead of your drink.


  • Their staff at HAMDAN branch is so friendly and prompt. They will make sure to make your visit a happy one.
  • Wendy’s offers an exceptional range of high-quality menu choices under one roof.
  • All meals are prepared made-to-order. This fresh western style menu provides customers a better experience with great tasting meals hot off the grill
  • Breakfast Menu combo is indeed a great saver and you have different styles of Coffee to chose from, even tea or water is also a choice.

Good news: To celebrate the breakfast menu’s launch, coffee at Wendy’s will be available free between 7am and 9am daily at the branches serving breakfast until 30th April.

Breakfast is available daily from 7am – 11am at:

–          Hamdan

–          Al Saqr Tower, Shk Zayed Road

–          Meadows

–          Al Barsha

Here are some shots from bright and spacious Hamdan branch.

Wendys-5972 Wendys-5971


  • Wendy’s is the first to bring the fast casual dining experience of fresh quality, more product variety, and better service within competitive fast food prices.
  • Dave Thomas, Wendy’s founder, opened the first outlet way back in 1969 in Ohio, USA. He knew that his old fashion high-quality food would go places. And so it did! Over the time, quality has become synonymous with Wendy’s.
  • Wendy’s first store in UAE was opened May, 2010 and now it has 16 outlets in UAE, that you may visit, or ask

Go enjoy the offer 😉


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