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City Walk Events – “Walk for LIFE” with Rotana AT KHALIDIYA PALACE RAYHAAN BY ROTANA


“Walk for LIFE” with Rotana was held in Abu Dhabi on November 19, 2016. The event was organized by Beach Rotana, Park Rotana, Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana and Sheikh Khalifa Medical City one of the Seha’s hospitals. “We are glad to plan events that aim at raising the public awareness and delivering a message of sports spirits and health. These events also reflect our image in a civilized vision and human purposes”, commented Eleni Tsolakou, the general manager of Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana. The event is aiming at spreading awareness about diabetes and ensure early diagnosis of type 2 diabetes for reduction of collateral complications such as blindness, heart diseases, kidney failure and death. The positive effects of sports, and walking in particular, is very important for the body and its function.




“Future focus should be centered around prevention of diabetes and this can be achieved by lifestyle changes leading to healthy practices like diet change and increasing physical activity to reduce obesity and consequently decrease the chances of development of diabetes. This lifestyle change should start during childhood so children will grow up acquiring healthy lifestyle practices.” said Dr. Huda Ezz Eddin, Consultant and Head of Diabetic and Endocrinology Division in Sheikh Khalifa Medical City and Fellow of American Collage of endocrinology and the Royal College of Physicians.


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250 employees from the three Rotana Hotels along with the hotels’ guests and the employees of Sheikh Khalifa Medical City one of Seha’s hospitals started walking from Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana to the UAE flag at the Corniche and then all the way back to the hotel. Even though it was hot, from 10:00 am to 11:30 am, every sweat was worth it. None of the participants complained but instead, sang and laughed during that healthy hour and a half spent together. Before, during, and after the event, an atmosphere of happiness and cheerfulness filled the participants and coordinators. Everyone was excited and willing to walk, talk and enjoy. Finally, KPRR team extended “Thank you” to all those who participated from Beach Rotana, Park Rotana, Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana and Sheikh Khalifa Medical City.


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