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Elemis Biotec launch at Remède Spa at St. Regis Abu Dhabi


MahiBlog previewed the entire range along with the BIOTEC techniques and treatments at @stregisabudhabi “Remede Spa” it was such a lovely event with innovative beauty related concepts and experts opinions. The joy of giving also get bigger and better this Christmas as they many a huge range of Elemis products for gifting, who would not like a Christmas gift this joyful.




The award-winning luxury sanctuary, Remède Spa, welcomes pioneering innovation with the latest Elemis Biotec machine. World-class experiences await guests where ground-breaking technology meets active ingredients and transformative touch – the clinically proven result? Thriving, visibly healthy and energized skin. Additionally, those looking to shine through event season and into the New Year can try the Remède Spa’s brand new ‘Metamorphosis’ package for a fully customized, 150 minutes of the body and facial relaxation and rejuvenation.




This revealing ceremony was held at the women’s relaxation area in remede spa. It was a great hands-on experience trying this pioneer technology and innovation in a luxurious sanctuary of a world-class hotel. I even got the demo trail under a biotec machine which left my skin visibly health and energized! Thanks to the great marketing, communication and spa team along with Elemis experts.




Elemis Biotec

Elemis Biotec is a revolutionary machine, an energizing skincare system, which gives skin a powerful wake-up call to combat the effects of aging and lifestyle changes by re-booting cellular performance and to re-establishing effective cell communication to unresponsive skin cells. The Biotec approach is clinically proven to deliver immediate and long-lasting results by combining three stimuli:





  • Hi-Potency Actives – expertly formulated, professional high-concentrated activators; each activator provides a catalytic power to target skin cells specific needs and deliver deep skin cell penetration
  • Skin Lift Touch- hands-on-therapy is used in the softening and preparation of the skin throughout treatments, this significantly improves cell functionally and optimizes overall results
  • Technology- the machines five technologies include ultrasonic peel, micro-current lift, galvanic rejuvenate, LED light therapy and oxygen infusion.




The Remède Spa will welcome five new Biotec super-charged facials, each using a variety of the machines technologies. Both male and female guests can experience specific treatments dedicated to anti-aging, skin lifting, firming and strengthening, sensitive skin soothing, oxygen infusing, illuminating and brightening. All these treatments are ranging from 600 to 875 AED.




The Remède Spa ‘Metamorphosis.’

The latest Remède Spa ‘Metamorphosis’ package invites guests to take a moment of luxurious revival, transforming to their greatest selves this event season, ready to shine on into 2017. Components if the new package includes the Remède Customised Body Wrap  &  Massage  (both for 60 minutes each)  and then finished off with Facial of 30 minutes. We will soon be reviewing their treatments in details and will be posting my review on




The Remède Spa ‘Metamorphosis package is priced at 985 AED including taxes, available throughout December and January. For appointments, please call +971 2 694 4100 or email

For further information on Remède Spa, visit