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Eric Lanlard Afternoon Tea At Stratos

I’ve had the pleasure of reunion with this passionate celebrity Chef this year too, over the years we’ve learned and shared via Mahi Blog his baking tips, master classes and Recipies. It is amazing to see his association even getting wider this year in the region with so many big brand names like Tavola, Spinny’s, Taste of Dubai & Abu Dhabi as well as delightful establishment as Stratos at Le Royal Meridian now.

Yes, we are talking about the renowned French patissier, Eric Lanlard. He is known for his celebrity skills at Cake baking and designing and has baked even for royalty. Now he is taking his celebrated afternoon tea skills to whole new heights in Abu Dhabi today. As per Eric He has selected Stratos to present a bespoke ‘Soir D’Orient’ as one of the few global residences to display and curate an enchanting tea experience. Residents can enjoy his beloved favorites with afternoon tea, whilst taking a twirl high above the city streets of Abu Dhabi.

We had spent long hour chatting with very dedicated host from Property’s Marketing team, Kiran Roa and of course the Monsieur Eric Lanlard aka Cake Boy. Eric was thoroughly enjoying, socializing with all the guests and is ever smiling and ready to pose for photos, snap chat videos and narrating about the ingredients. While talking to both I understood that Eric’s decision to lend his name to this concept was purely due to his hands on experience & inspiration. This concept is beautifully materialized by his ever running passion through his mind and working closely on notable menu with the five-star hotel’s own award-winning Executive Chef and Food & Beverage Director Justin Galea.

Afternoon Tea, is one of England's inheritance to the globe, and is a ritual and undeniably the keenest & fashionable trend in this part of region. We at Mahi Blog thoroughly love concept and are mastering in this Art of sipping on to the most amazing teas and munching on those perfect savories and cakes which are undeniably charming and trendy.


 The menu is a savory and sweet tribute to Arabia with flavors of saffron, rose water, dates, cardamom, cumin, pistachios, bee pollen and caraway seeds informing the extensive Afternoon Tea creations, you get to taste Savory & Sweet items along with tastiest Scones.

The savory layer of the four-tiered stand has delicious brioche on grass fed filet of beef. Caraway seed bread with vanilla cured salmon and beetroot was very different and unique. And I simply could not ignore those petit spinach wraps filled with egg mayo. Though what took our attention most was of course the unique macarons and crab tarts.

Sweet tray was to drool for. It has pistachio spongy cakes with rose nectar, besides that the most attractive element were Lychee & Raspberry domes with biscuits crust. Well it is even not enough to leave you spellbound just taste those magical things on top layer. They are dark chocolate cannelloni with Choco mousse inside along with mango and cardamom kilner jars with pearls on top!

As Eric Quotes “I love Middle Eastern flavors and sweets and with this exclusive Afternoon Tea we intend to take guests on a magical food journey in the gorgeous surroundings of the Stratos lounge, where we our creations will be as inspiring as the beautiful views of Abu Dhabi city,” said Eric.


As it is an afternoon tea you will indeed experience a variety and extensive range of teas. It’s varied from Traditional, White & greens to Floral, Oolong and Herbal Infusion. In case you want to go more adventurous then try the Pu-Erh Tea which has soothing richness and Japanese plum sweetness but is actually a Vintage Chinese Invention.

WOW Factor

  • Well heard about pollens while studying flower pollination? Guess what You can taste it in style too.
  • What mystify me most was the savory macaron. The empowering ingredients actually rhyme in spell and taste both 😉 cumin & pumpkin with Chicken crackling. It would probably amaze most of the guests. (It’s Eric’s favorite too J)
  • Be ready being sprayed around your tray and surrounding with what we refer to “Lanlard’ s floral bid” of edible cardamom perfume before we initiate indulging through this gorgeous package. It owes a lot to heritage of the UAE and will transport you to an Arabian spice souk.
  • My most favorite savory item was Peppery Crab Tart.
  • Rose preserves use organic roses and

“To establish the right atmosphere, and before guests settle into the gastronomic experience, we’ll ask them to close their eyes, take a deep breath and enjoy the subtle fragrance of a specially-created cardamom edible perfume which will transport them right into the middle of the Al Ain Spice Souk.” Eric Lanlard

Our Say

It is Unique and innovation and blended and altered in pleasant way to style it in middle east attire and food traditions. However, we loved the par balance where it’s not impertinent with traditional values attached to British tea concept. Eric literally has taken up the challenge where he does it so efficiently and gracefully with succession planning and carefully choosing t he menu and walking that way of bespoke level.

With a literally immense following this trend is quite bespoke and successful at Stratos, Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi with a stunning venue that could not be more apt and suitable. We truthfully believe we boast various great savories and pastries and even enjoyed those element of surprise like Edible perfume and Rose flavored elements. There is indeed a shift coming from High tea to Afternoon tea which will change the whole affair of this ritual. Enjoying tea and masticating on scones, macarons & tarts, that too complimented with 360-degree view of the city, place this practice yet entirely different & above distant from the rest.

Talking about price a well any good Afternoon tea may generally be not very less on pocket. However, in keeping with Cake Boy’s unique concept & Executive Chef Justin Galea's vision for providing the best possible ingredients on the table, the worth & eminence of this experience is indisputable.

"I am assertive that visitors will take pleasure in this vivid, arty and decadent experience of Eric’s Afternoon Tea at Stratos, Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi taking the conventional concept to a whole new level of innovative setting and middle eastern taste concoction”.
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