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Foodie trip from Amalfi to Beirut – via LeRoyal Meridien Culinary road!

Amalfi-3872We took off and charter our food plane from Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi and landed at their Italian Eatery “Amalfi” for the official launch of new promotion, Amalfi to Beirut.


We were warmly greeted on board via ever-humble Marketing team staff at LeRoyal Meridien Abu Dhabi. Cocktails & Mocktails are custom design for this special promotion. I tasted refreshing passion fruit mojito. There was a unique mezze line-up in form of delicious appetizers having rich appealing tastes & enticing colors.


Brilliant and talented Chefs at work plus warm hospitality services made this festival worth to experience. Selection & usage of freshest Lebanese ingredients is the key for enticing blend of dishes, whose rich and aromatic flavors burst in mouth with each and every bite we took.


Amalfi-3874Bringing such par balance and doing justice to the standing level of popularity for these two cuisines, I am sure would be a challenge. However the culinary team took it well graciously. As a result Amalfi brought us the taste of Beirut from the evergreen mountains to fields of Lebanon in form of flavorful creations.


It gives us great delight to be amongst the first to experience and taste the menu intends to bring its own unique flavours with a fine selection of Lebanese grape in a stylish surroundings and an ambient atmosphere. Listening to LIVE Lebanese songs sitting in Executive Italian Set-up was a very pleasant experience within itself.


We love Amalfi and can judge their food strength, hence after receiving the invite we were not sure how this fusion would take place until we savor this menu.


Amalfi-3841  Amalfi-3839

Amalfi-3836 Amalfi-3843


It’s nicely combined sun-rich vegetables and market fresh ingredients and is full of irresistible, tempting and tantalizing cuisine that offers a true sensational experience, without compromising the rustic elements of Amalfi. Hence you will find many dishes more on either Lebanese or Italian orientation but with one core strong and magical ingredients uplifting the whole aura of the dish to another level.


Amalfi-3885 Amalfi-3877

Amalfi-3865 Amalfi-3868


We loved the hummus with Short Ribs meat and dainty sauce. Another interesting appetizer was Heirloom Tomato Fatouche Salad with Poached Lobster & cucumber. It was delicate but rick in taste. Another most beautifully crafted item was Grilled Halloumi with Orange, Roasted Beets & Olive Oil. With perfect grill marks and timely toasted veggies those fruity segments created a unique blend of zest, needed no extra seasoning. Simple yet appealing in presentation.

Amalfi-3861 Amalfi-3859

Amalfi-3855 Amalfi-3856


The taste and aroma of appetizers are sure to put you into the mood for some fun with friends and family and make you feel as if you’re vacationing in Lebanon! And will leave you wait impatiently for main menu dishes, which won’t disappoint you at all. We loved Harrissa Pizza with cucumber topping & Chicken Liver. Also popular amongst the diners was Halloumi Pizza with cherry tomato, fresh mint & basil.

Amalfi-3857 Amalfi-3849

Amalfi-3844 Amalfi-3853

Our favorite in desserts was Fig & Orange Blossom Pavlova with passion fruit labneh cream. It has sweet, sour, tangy and milky elements. Mango & pistachio Kulfi was also served with Pomegranate topping. I tasted very first version of Safron Ice-cream and it was good.


Please note that this adventurous journey experience can be availed within a month only, or shall we say till the exclusive limited ingredients stocks lasts 😉 You should definitely give it a try !


Amalfi-3881 Amalfi-3888



More details about the offerings:

Choose from a specially crafted range of Mezze portions or indulge in the Amalfi to Beirut set menu, both options can be paired with selected Lebanese hops & grape.

Set menu AED 399 net for two guests (Shisha included)

Available daily from 7pm 21st March – 21st April

Opening hours;

Every day from: 19:00 to 23:00 hrs

For restaurant reservations please call: 800 101 101 or email

Disclaimer: All the opinion and Photos are our own, special thanks to Amrita from Hotel’s Marketing team.


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