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Ibtisama ‘a smile’ in Arabic is the window to your soul.

It’s a beauty spa in Abu Dhabi, and it’s unique because it’s dedicated to your smile. IBTISAMA Beauty Lounge, in a saturated UAE market full of salons and centers caring for hair, skin, and nail, this entity has decided to become your smile partner with the launch of their Architecturally stunning “smile lounge” last year, a first of its kind in the region. This time, I visited an unobtrusive kiosk nestled at Abu Dhabi Mall, has four bubble chairs, affording almost complete privacy.


As my previous experience at another kiosk (Read HERE) I was reclined in the bubble chair but felt more regal this time, as it’s mounted with body Massager plus I was asked to glide my feet into feel massager and check out my smile in a bright LED illuminated Ultra mirror. I was demonstrated on how to clean-up my teeth via strip. Quick lip exfoliator, using natural products applied for protection. The gel was applied next, in a soft & gentle mouth guard, and then the procedure started which is self-administered. My 30 minutes procedure was divided into two sections with a swift break to monitor the gradual effect, spit out and to clear your mouth, freshened up and repeat for similar 2nd phase.




As I explained earlier, it is not a one-time procedure, like any other cosmetic procedure. Results entirely depend on your teeth. Ibtisama Beauty recommends few sessions to reach the desired whitening results. But believe me, they can get brighter instantly by up to 10 shades, depending on the package you choose and that’s where the company plays reasonably smart on its packages. It’s quite a win-win for them and clients both, especially as they have recently introduced the Loyalty card.





The procedure brought a quick shine for my teeth with more natural color toning down my teeth yellow-ness from 21 to 9 on their whiteness scale. I am planning to have it regular like how I go for a facial or get my hair styled or nails manicured. Now, I can brighten my teeth in a mall that too in an Elite station installed in the kiosk. As communicated by the ambassadors, if I continue to care for your teeth after the session, they’ll stay bright for up to four months. Oh, and the great tip for stain free teeth is to drink the coffee with a straw if you have to have coffee.

Remember It Aint Miracle my friends. Maintain your smile and be confident!


In my opinion, Whitening is a dentist’s job, and this place neither claims the dentistry service either hence you should not be expecting a miracle but yes indeed a super transformation / yellow shade lightening/brightening of your teeth via sodium bicarbonate. It is a natural ingredient that appears to whiten the teeth.

I love the facts:

  • It’s chemical free and use only organic whitening products/gel & LED Light.
  • It’s very instant and convenient (comfortable too if you chose their VIP Booth.)
  • We attain couple goals flaunting that grin; take your partner too 😉


“Ibtisama Beauty pampered and maintained my Smile like any aspect of your health. I got a contagious smile now.”

Thanks to Maissa & Hanane and assiduous staff at Ibtisama Beauty to keep up our pride via brightening that smile 🙂 we owe you back our smile!


Teeth-brightening packages can be customized and ranging to different amounts and categories.The 20-minute Express Class package, 35-40 minutes Silver Class package & 1hour Gold VIP Class packages are available. Ibtisama Beauty also offers natural teeth and lip-care products – from miswak and exfoliants to chemical-free toothpaste, from ICE White strips to foam and temporary Swarovski crystals for teeth on sale.

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