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Keeping up with morning skin shine… Neutrogena

Is it really that bad to go to bed without washing your face or taking your make-up off. Even I’ve been guilty of this skin-crime in past, just out of laziness. It resulted in clog pored & acne break-out. Not only this but going to sleep with dirt, pollutants, grime and make-up on your face produces extra sebum and enlarged pores, which not only makes your skin look dull but it ages it too.

I am glad that sooner I realize how important it is waking up to clear, healthy and youthful skin and take care of my skin beauty regime. With Neutrogena I found an entirely achievable, simple, quick & hassle-free evening / bedtime cleansing routine, it also keeps me from eye inflammations, irritations and infections. Waking up to clear, healthy and youthful skin should be the top priority for every woman.


With 3 simple steps below I do the same:

Neutrogena_Deep Clean Make-up Remover Wipes

Step 1: Start with the Deep Clean Make-up Remover Wipes. They’re very effective in sweeping away surface dirt and oil from your face, and most (99.3%) of your stubborn make-up as well. Trust me I can say  with confidence as I have experienced it being an eye kajal (kohl) person.

NTG_Deep Clean_Invigorating Make-up Removing Creamy Wash

Step 2: Follow with the Deep Clean Invigorating Make-up Removing Creamy Wash. This has a gentle but effective formulation that cleanses thoroughly, deep down into pores, without stripping the skin of its natural oil and moisture.

NTG_DeepClean_Deep Clean_Eye make-up remover
Step 3: Finish with the Deep Clean Eye Make-up Remover. You’re almost done… You only need one quick sweep to remove any eye make-up residue. No rubbing and tugging necessary, and no oil trace behind either. It is also ophthalmologist tested and safe to use for those who wear contact lenses.

No matter how many other beauty tips and tricks you read in your lifetime, the evening cleansing routine is the most important. Clean skin means healthy, youthful-looking skin. Not to mention that only when your skin is properly cleansed, it is prepared for maximum absorption of moisturisers and serums.

I started waking up with Better Skin since I follow the Evening Cleansing Routine from Neutrogena. Highly recommended .. Love your skin ! ❤

Product info & price:
• Neutrogena® Deep Clean® Make-up Remover Wipes, AED 34.48
• Neutrogena® Deep Clean® Eye Make-up Remover, AED 44.86
• Neutrogena® Deep Clean® Invigorating Make-up Removing Creamy Wash, AED 44.86

It is available on all leading stores. For more information please visit or follow us on and @Neutrogename

Special thanks to Tishtash xo.