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UpCart Review and Giveaway

What Is UpCart?

UpCart is a stair climbing cart that claims to be “the evolution of mobility”. It’s a wheeled cart that uses a unique design to help it climb up and down stairs.

There are three separate varieties of the UpCart, although the UpCart Original is the only product currently on the market in UAE. The two newer versions of the UpCart should be coming soon.

What is the UpCart Original?

The UpCart Original is a wheeled cart that promises to traverse stairs and obstacles while still being able to fold flat for easy storage.

It’s rated to carry up to 45.5kg of weight (100 pounds).


The cart works using a three wheel design. There are three rotating wheels on each side. When you drag the cart up a flight of stairs, the wheels rotate around so one wheel is in contact with the stair at all times.

Normally, when you drag a cart up and down the stairs, you’ll hit it against each stair on the way up or down. This can cause injuries or cause you to drop your load.

You can get a better idea of how UpCart works by looking at the video above.

In that promotional video, people are seen using the UpCart around their home, including wheeling groceries from the garage, wheeling garbage cans across the yard, and wheeling heavy products across parking lots. There are even videos of customers wheeling the UpCart across grass, dirt, and other terrain so it can safely be used on carpet, hardwood, and natural ground.


If you find yourself carrying a lot of objects up and down stairs at your home or business, then the UpCart may be the right choice for you.

The manufacturer describes it as “an innovative new line of stair climbing folding hand carts and hand trucks that will simplify how you get all of your necessities to your destination, whatever it may be.”

It also claims to be the first device “designed to traverse stairs and obstacles yet still fold flat”.

UpCart is made from “strong metal components” and “bearings that will hold up to the rigors of modern life”. While cheap, plastic carts will fall apart, UpCart will “keep on rolling”.

UpCart Original Pricing

  • 1 UpCart Original: AED 350.00

UpCart can be bought from or you can order it from:

Speedex Trading LLC

Sheikh Zayed Road, Between 2nd & 3rd Interchange, Al Quoz,

Next to Oasis Centre.

Phote: 04 339 1929

Win an Upcart through Mahiblog

Mahiblog in collaboration with Speedex Trading LLC and UpCart is giving away 1 UpCart Original worth AED 350 for you to take home.

Now here is how you can win:

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  • Competition is open for UAE and GCC based residents only.

Winners will be announced on 15th December 2016.

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  1. Hello.. my school bag is really heavy.. if I win this it will help me to carry my bag to school and the stairs will not be a problem as well… please mahiblog give me this trolly…

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