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Warmly invited and greeted by Westin Abu Dhabi staff we reached there on a fine sunny though breezy day. We signed in at the poolside to get our entry for a pre-booked picnic setting and were guided over to the lawn by Incharge supervisor. we were than seated on comfy chairs plus bean bags and presented with a picnic basket for our family, (bubbly is included with basket in case you are non-alcoholic).

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A super stylish premium Picnic basket, laid on traditional red checkers plaid cloth was looking ultra chic. Beautifully presented and is loaded with traditional picnic fair. Sushi, Salads, breads, dips, sandwiches and croissants all were freshly prepared and nicely kept. Refreshing coolers and Soft drinks are unlimited for consumption and placed in easily access centre spot in ice containers.

Lunch i-e Pasta, Nuggets and variety for kids as well as BBQ is included also with a great choice of potatoes and vegetables and sauces and dips, freshly cooked meats and prawns to choose from to go to grill. The meat was tender and succulent and supplied in abundance. Choices were Tikka, Kebabs, kofta, lamb chops, sausages. My children loved the kid’s menu selection.

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Staff is very humble and attentive however not intrusive and you won’t feel being disturbed all the time. I love the kid’s arts and craft corner which is hosted by friendly team members of Kidsfactory UAE, keeping kids busy with light competitions and some physical activities they designed specially for kids enjoying this Westin picnic.

This picnic is just right for families and groups of friends. I wish they will extend the concept till kids’ school holiday i-e spring break. Also it’s a great option for many expats whose families are visiting in UAE. We definitely had a great time in case you are looking for a casual and fun filled time with kids book this right away. remarkable worth for money, pleasant feel and weather and the cordial staff will make this a memorable experience. To close the whole event on great and sweet note you will be presented with a variety of desserts in small glass jars and pots consists of flavored marshmallows, chocolate mousse, panna cotta and the mini tiramisu, this may vary.


Wow factors:

  • Let’s those tiny people enjoy at fullest and get involved with arts and crafts via Kidsfactory UAE activity booth area.
  • Don’t forget with swimming costumes, yes that’s true you can take a dip in temp-controlled water with whole family as pool
  • Access is included with package.
  • After enjoying breakfast from basket and live BBQ lunch you still have energy to sit back and relax then you may enjoy the best coffee and fresh mojitos selection in additional yet very reasonable rates from poolside bar Shades.

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All in all it was the most ideal family day out. We had with ample of food being fully prepared and served with perfect hygiene standard. This will surely give you ladies peace of mind. You don’t have to take hassle of organizing anything and spend morning in kitchen. Remember it’s picnic and a day off for you too, so just pre-book your table and show up and enjoy your picnic spread. The only advise I would give is to reach early at the starting hour, not to miss anything. We enjoyed our breakfast from picnic basket and kids took a dip in pool, soon it was lunch time and when it’s a bit cooler kids got busy with activities. We enjoyed evening Tea/Coffee before wrapping up with this great excursion trip.


We did hop on for some fun at the free entry event at Westin i-e Spring fair on the same day at Westin lawn. It was a very well organized event having Spring Market with variety of goods and stuff. Also the highlight of t he evening was Easter Bunny Chase. Along with Live Music and entertainment there were many fun activities for kids including Bouncing Castle and Face painting.

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All and all it was a BEST OF THE SEASON Spring fair2016. An evening full of excitement where we wandered the market stalls. There were over 40 local vendors showcased their Spring Collections. We also enjoyed a selection of food and beverage offerings, listened to live music, let our kids got busy with many activities.

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For more information about their future events or to book for Westin Picnic:

Email at or call at  02-6169999

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