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Women’s / Mother day special – ‘ROSE POMPON’ INTRODUCED AT PARIS GALLERY


A Vibrant Fragrance Celebrating ‘Joie De Vivre’

Passionate perfumer, Camille Goutal, is constantly searching for new inspirations and raw materials. This new scent was initiated by the crossed destinies of two perfumers, Camille Goutal and Philippine Courtiere. The purpose of their collaboration was to compose a fresh and playful rose, a unique scent inspired by new horizons. The new Annick Goutal Rose Pompon is an olfactory ode to the two perfumers’ joie de vivre.

Rose Pompon is the quintessence of femininity, a new interpretation of a rose with fresh and floral notes combined to a sensual powdery trail. Both captivating and sparkling, the scent embodies a Parisian woman who is a manifest of joy. Rose Pompon is available exclusively at Paris Gallery.

Rose-Pompon_AED 530 (100 ml)Luminous, vivacious and addictive

The Rose Pompon flower is a garden rose composed of a thousand fragile and precious petals. Its essence does not exist in perfumery. Camille and Philippine recreated the soft and ethereal scent of this rose by combining Bulgarian Rose essence with the Taif Rose. Each of these roses has a distinct personality laden with emotional meaning; one from the Valley of Roses and the other from the Saudi Arabian region, which, given the lack of humidity, is very concentrated. Together, the two roses embody the audacious heart of Rose Pompon, a contrasting and modern tandem that melds with the ethereal and sensual honey-sweet Peony.

The packaging for the new Rose Pompon perfume exudes both a joie de vivre and the rose itself, thanks to the silhouette of the Rose Pompon woman who is both very feminine and mischievous, hidden behind this exuberant rose. The ribbed bottle has also been lacquered for the occasion with pink shading to give freshness and vivacity to a traditional bottle. Round its neck is a delicate pendant bearing the name of the perfume on an elegant black silk cord to complete the made-to-measure ribbed bottle dedicated to Rose Pompon.

A Sweet, Floral Olfactory Composition

Rose Pepper – the spicy top note.

Blackcurrant and Raspberry – the green and sparkling notes of blackcurrant mingle with the velvety notes of the Raspberry, bringing sweetness and addiction.

Bulgarian Rose Essence – the floral, luminous and vegetal notes in the heart.

The Taif Rose – a sensual and suave touch with its fruity and liquorice heart notes providing the texture behind the freshness of the perfume.

Peony – envelops the rose tandem of an ethereal and sensual note to create the heart of the Rose Pompon.

Cedar and Patchouli – woody and powdery notes that add warmth to the perfume.

White Musk – for a powdery and exquisitely gentle trail.

Price: AED 530 (EDT – 100ML)



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